Texas Holdem Suited Connectors

Texas Holdem Suited Connectors

For the last few years the game of Texas Holdem is the most preferred poker variation both at the land-based poker rooms and in the cyber space. This great popularity is due to the fact that this game is very accessible and each person, who is interested, can take advantage of it. Furthermore, there are a lot of sources, which you can use in order to learn everything about this game. Rules, different strategies, various tips and many other info will help you to become skilled player at the poker table. Our team will continue to provide you with useful information about all the aspects of the game. 

If you are a Texas Holdem admirer you should be aware of the fact that the starting hands, which you choose to play are a significant indicator for your success at the poker table. That is why you should learn which initial hands are worth to be played and which it is better to be avoided. Premium pairs such as Ace – Ace, King – King and Queen – Queen are the best hands, which you can have Suited Connectors, but here I want to tell you more about the Texas Holdem suited connectors such as KQ, QJ, JT, T9, etc. These hands can also be profitable for you, especially if you know how to take advantage of them.

Texas Hold’em Poker Game

First of all I want to remind you that here we are talking about Texas Holdem suited connectors. Keep this in mind because some of the players, especially the new ones don’t make a difference between KQs and KQ. In fact, there is a significant difference and it is the expected value of your hands. Furthermore, Texas Holdem suited connectors give you the chance to create more winning card combinations.

If you want to become successful poker gambler, be aware of the fact that Texas Holdem connectors are not the best hands so, you should not play them very often. Of course, it will be a mistake not to take advantage of them if the circumstances are favorable longhand limit texas holdem. You can play such hands if there are not many active players at the table, but if you face some serious opposition, especially from tight players, a better option is to fold.

To learn how to play Texas Holdem suited connectors in the best way you should be aware of the odds. The probabilities will help you to determine the chance to complete your hand and become the winner in the end of the game. Ultimately, there is no need to continue playing if there is no chance to create good hand, which to use against your opponents.

Texas Hold’em Chips

Remember that the Texas Holdem suited connectors require different style of playing depending on the fact whether they are small or big. If it is small (98, 87, 76, etc) you should only play your hand if the Flop cards help you to create a good draw Texas Holdem Tournament. On the other side, big suited connectors are worth to be played if there is a card on the board, which completes your hand to a Pair.

The last advice, which I can give you about how to play Texas Holdem suited connectors is to pay extreme attention to the community cards. This means that if you are playing 98 and the Flop is 10, J, A, you should be able to notice the potential danger one of your opponents to hold K – Q. In this case, he can beat your hand on the Showdown and take all the money in the pot.

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