How to Handle Lucky Streak

Luck streaks do come along. Maybe you are at the slot machine and suddenly you are hitting bonus after bonus. Maybe you are at the Blackjack table and the cards are in your favor. However it happens, you will eventually hit a lucky streak. The problem players are not always sure how to play off their lucky streak when they get one. To make the most out of a streak, you have to take advantage of it.

How to Play Out a Lucky Streak

Keep Your Wits

The first thing you should know about a lucky streak is that is it can come on at any time and end quickly. Once you hit a winning streak, do not get overly excited. It is normal for an adrenaline rush to kick in on a series of wins, but you cannot let that rush cloud your track your poker results. Continue to play the game how you would have played regardless of any streak. Do not throw you whole bankroll in to the next hand because you think you are on a roll, that roll could be over.

Keep Playing

Some players believe they should quit while they are ahead, and that is a good theory to follow. However, if you are on a winning role it is not a good idea to get up from the table or slot machine. Play the streak out and see where it goes. A streak can last five rounds, or it could last fifty. If you have one three or more rounds in a row, play another round or two to see if you keep winning. The risk of one loss is worth the possibility of hitting a long running streak.

Play Smartly

Once you think you’ve hit a lucky streak, it is imperative to play smart. Do not just assume that because you were lucky once means you will be lucky again. While luck plays a big factor in start your own poker game, so does strategy. For example, if you are at the poker table, keep gauging your hands as strategically as you can. Do not play out a low hand because you think you are on streak. There is no guarantee that the second draw is going to give you the cards you need just because you have been playing lucky. If you are at the slots, do not suddenly start betting more then you can afford because the slot machine is “loose,” it may have only been a temporary situation and you might be out a lot of money before you realize that fact.

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