xpeng g3 buy

Chinese EV startup Xpeng, formerly known as Xiaopeng, has begun selling its innovative G3 electric SUV in China. Xpeng Motors official website provides you with G3 price, pictures, specs & configuration, etc. Xpeng Motors (Xpeng G3, Xpeng P7), strives to build smart electric cars for the younger generations by developing new technologies, design and business model to redefine driving, purchasing, service and maintenance experience. Both vehicles are in production: the G3 since November 2018 at a contract-manufacturing plant owned by established automaker Haima, and the P7 at Xpeng's new factory in Zhaoqing. Should I buy one? Xpeng G3 is an intelligent electric SUV for younger generations. Well, unless you live in China, you can’t, and it won't be heading to Europe any time soon, either. As we indicated a few weeks ago from … The Xpeng G3 2020 model is available in two versions: The G3 400 and the G3 520, with the price range RMB143,800 - 196,800, and delivery to customers starting in September 2019. More about Xpeng G3, visit Xpeng …

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