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Slow down your time for market process, as you try to troubleshoot and increase your learning curve outside your core competency. Between the three companies they share a wealth of experience which ranges more than 100+ years in the Indian Foreign Exchange Markets. By reselling a product, you can prevent such losses, and you can generate more value in areas you are an expert. Using the Single Sign-On API and SAML Authentication, integrate a fully featured white label analytics platform seamlessly within your application. White label reporting dashboards from Cyfe deliver a branded experience for your digital marketing agency's clients. Indiranagar 1st stage Bangalore, Karnataka 560038 White label solutions are generally fully integrated and ready by making the branding process easier. Adding white-label capabilities to your embedded analytics not only improves the end user experience; it also helps your company stay ahead of competitors. Complete suite of low latency products for treasury management which enable banks & their clients to trade online while maintaining complete risk management and control in real time and improving operational efficiency. It tracks the performance of all your marketing activities - across all your channels which enables you to make intelligent decisions. Could a deadly mushroom help battle cancer? Convert your visitors to real customers . Logi lets you create dashboards, reports, and data visualizations within a single platform and customize these reports to remain on-brand. Largely dependent on investors in their initial stages, startups are another classic use case for leveraging White Label Analytics. Get started. Moving forward, first you start the research process that if you can develop the requested product with your own resources. These quantifiable results can then be shared with donors and board members as a fully branded presentation to expand the donor bank, boost donor retention and increase overall trustworthiness. We've been doing this for decades and know exactly what your agency needs to succeed. To be a leading provider of Electronic solutions for Bank Treasuries which will in turn create a Fair, Transparent and Healthy market. White-label analytics Chinmaya mission hospital road, Subscribe to our newsletter and receive the latest news and product updates. WiFi Analytics. As an embedded analytics product, White Label Analytics offer the benefits of data analysis outsourcing without you ever having to leave your website or application. info@whitelabeles.com, White Label E Systems Pvt Ltd It is not wise to expand your resources to do something that does not fit with your core competencies, as we have mentioned above, since it requires time and money. Embed and White Label Sisense for Product Teams is the only embedded analytics platform built from the ground up to provide both agility and performance with scale. You can see real-time statistics, referral and retention analytics, and more within our in-built dashboard. It’s the easiest-to-use social WiFi platform for a reason. Automation. In this screen, you can change the logo in the upper left corner, the logo in the login page, the colors of the buttons and the colors of the button texts. They will walk you through all the steps, providing the information you need to identify the best ways to track metrics and client reporting. Product managers: Tie in with customer analytics. Analytics. However, requests of the customer often require a very large set of features and different integrations. White label analytics are a subset of embedded analytics that enable companies to fully personalize 3rd party analytics services. Analytics has gone beyond hunting for data. Key Benefits: Skip the design and programming … When you white-label BI software, you ensure the dashboards and reports in your application look and feel like the rest of your software. These analytics capabilities can include reporting, dashboarding, and other types of data visualizations used to dig deeper into data for better insights, in-context analysis, with the ultimate goal of making quicker better … But there are also quite powerful reasons for thinking about white label. White-label analytics is the customization of your data analytics platform to match the look & feel of the native application. We produce loyalty solutions based on our flexible API & SDK to power your loyalty and retention strategy. SOCIFI is a global leader in WiFi & LTE monetization & analytics. With our dashboards, you can finally have all your metrics organized in one place, so you can monitor all performance data in real-time and make better decisions.Aggregate data from different sources and visualize client engagement, performance in real-time. With white-label analytics, application teams can adjust every aspect of the embedded analytics without worrying about a disjointed user experience. White-labeling is just one of the many advanced capabilities that Logi’s embedded analytics platform offers. Personalize each client's dashboard with stunning analytics and granular metrics.They will surely appreciate it. What is Application Performance Monitoring? On this dashboard, you can customize several visuals for your customers or for your own company. First, you need to click on the “Management” tab on the dashboard screen of Countly Enterprise Edition and the “plugins” tab in this section. The Management Console is at the core of our infrastructure, enabling our clients to control and dynamically manage the profile of their own clients from trading limits through to liquidity access, on a real-time basis. This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. In addition to a broad view, our analytics software lets you drill down into individual users’ data. Our system provides you with meaningful insights at your fingertips - including custom queries and charts - so you can be sure your decisions are backed up by solid customer information. Are you planning to extend your service portfolio? Our powerful API enables the integration process into your business systems. The Market Maker is defined as a user interface view of our Price Engine, enabling clients to visualise a more specific depth view within the combined liquidity books from multiple price sources. Govindram & Co. Our system provides you with meaningful insights at your fingertips - including custom queries and charts - so you can be sure your decisions are backed up by solid customer information. Business intelligence. Kalpataru Inspire With Sisense, product teams can drastically reduce their time to market, lower their TCO, and develop an embedded analytics solution that works for specific business and architecture needs. Foundry Street With Izenda’s white-label software, your users will love us (none will know we exist!) Startups can use the seamless integration of White Label Analytics to manipulate data that highlights their product or platform’s successes and worth, all through a flawless prism of their own branding. To change your White Label settings click Administration (⚙️ gear top right) then click General Settings from the System menu. Additional months (and years) needed to develop your own solution may divert customers to choose other companies for their solutions. SOCIFI White Label Offers. We can help you build your first dashboard and guide you to various metrics and features within FoxMetrics. A non-profit could use predictive analytics to blend its own historical data with other relevant field data to show impact, identify optimal strategies and new areas for investment. Good white-labeling can increase user adoption of BI and embedded analytics by ensuring brand consistency and a seamless user experience. Our system allows you to easily use various metrics to develop automated reports that your clients will be looking forward to reading. Remove the taxes company paying for the excess of employees, costs for handling fees, office space, resources, and the expenses that the governing bodies charge to your company by using a white label product.

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