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He watches as Scar appears, ultimately ordering Janja to get rid of her. There are also several other interactive points.[1]. There are six sets currently available from two waves, each containing two characters. These cobras are called spitting cobras. Release Date [4]. Skinks are lizards that appear in The Lion Guard universe. A sleeping Ushari gets stepped on by Janja and his hyenas as they return from an unsuccessful trip into the Pride Lands, having tried to steal some takiti melons. With the staff in the volcano, a small eruption occurs, and Scar presents himself to them both. Ushari is mildly offended by their statement, but before he can do anything, Hafifu grabs him from the dirt while Majinuni taunts him by saying he can't hit the baobab fruit. He reports back to Janja, and they come up with a plan to Bring Back a Legend. Ushari then uncoils and slithers away. Lifespan Later, when Janja, Cheezi and Chungu fail their mission, Ushari tracks them down, and informs them that Scar wishes to speak with them and he isn't happy with them. Figure The other leaders are frightened by the presence of such a dangerous creature, but Ushari knows that his venom is reserved for Simba. With Janja still wary of Ushari, Ushari calls his friends, a group of skinks, to see where Makini and her mentor go. In the Lair of the Lion Guard, some of paints of cobra appear since Bunga tried to cheer Ono up. The Lion Guard (Black-Necked Spitting Cobra) Although not actual figures, the playset also features Kiburi and Ushari, as well as a currently unknown Red Colobus character. When Kiburi fails, he and his followers are banished from the Pride Lands. Just Play Ushari bites down with his fangs, but falls regardless. August 2017. He slithers away, muttering about how the Guard will one day pay for their constant disturbances. After discovering Kion's big secret, he moves into the Outlands, where Janja's Clan threaten to eat him after their unsuccessful hunting trip into the Pride Lands from earlier. Although some species of cobra show more specialization in their preferred diets, most species are opportunists and will take whatever food is available including small mammals, birds, lizards, amphibians, other snakes, eggs and even carrion. When Kion tells him they aren't the same, his eye starts to ache, and the cub rubs it. It was released in August 2017. Then, Scar tells Ushari that he will be part of his plan. Egyptian Cobras in The Lion Guard bear the markings of Indian Cobras. When the hyenas get confused, Ushari commands them to listen to Scar, who has a plan. Just Play Play Set As Ushari sleeps in the volcano, Janja, Cheezi and Chungu return, having failed a mission to find the jackals. Item Type Poseable Figures are a set of The Lion Guard figures created by Just Play. Egyptian Cobra! When Janja arrives he is furious that all the effort was for nothing, and tosses it in. [1]. Despite Bunga's best efforts, Ushari's attack leaves a scar on Kion's left eye. He learns that to summon Scar, the Roar of the Elders must be performed over the volcano, and, with the help of a Bakora Staff, the ritual will be complete. When Scar gives the signal, Ushari joins the Army of Scar in a surprise ambush on the Lion Guard, revealing himself as their enemy for the first time. Hafifu assures him that he can and ignores Ushari's cries for him to stop, and throws Ushari into the fruit hanging on a tree. When Lion Guard appears in the volcano, Ushari attacks Kion on Scar's order. When Janja worries about the Lion Guard's interference, Ushari tells Scar and the hyenas about his friend, Big Bad Kenge, and is ordered to find him by Scar. 1 - 3 m Despite it stating that cobra venom causes people to forget right and wrong, several episodes in the third season indicate that this might be a false diagnosis, as Kion still has plenty of control of his actions, and even apologizes when he uses the Roar on innocent targets. The honey badger insists that Kion use the Roar on Scar and destroy him once and for all. Ushari commands them to stop the intruder, and the skinks chase Kinyonga out of the volcano. So far, this has always been. Ushari the cobra appears in numerous episodes throughout the series. But Scar then meets a Strange Cobra who attacks him, resulting in the scar on his eye. September 2017, Poseable Figures are a set of The Lion Guard figures created by Just Play. The center of the playset takes the form of Scar.It includes a figure of Kion, and some sets also include an additional figure of Janja.. Bunga reacts immediately after the fact and pushes the cobra away from Kion. As Kion and Bunga run through the Pride Lands, Bunga careens into a peacefully sleeping Ushari, resulting in a baobab being shoved into Ushari's mouth. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. At sunset in Lake Matope, Ushari speaks with Kiburi privately before the match, explaining the plan. Cobras are highly venomous snakes and all cobras regardless of species are potentially deadly. He coils tightly around the honey badger, and tells him that while he should bite him, the last time he did he was unable to rid his mouth of Bunga's taste for days. Naja hajeNaja nigricollisNaja naja Ushari is annoyed at the loud call, but becomes intrigued when he learns that Beshte is alone in the Outlands. Company Soon after the plan has been confirmed, Shupavu notices Kinyonga's shadow against a wall, and brings her to the attention of Scar. The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. A cobra is seen in a cave painting as Simba tries to figure out a solution to the Pride Land's current drought. Their scales are maroon with violet markings. They have red or brown scales. When Scar overhears, he starts to note how easy it will be to eliminate him, and Ushari gets excited, stating that it will weaken the Lion Guard. Company Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Weight Kion is the only poseable figure that has changed between waves. Egyptian cobras are relatively slender-bodied snakes. Ushari is relaxed, and persuades the crocodile to let him show him something very, very special. Ushari reacts with excitement when he hears it. Whatever you do, don't let him bite you! But when Kion uses the Roar of the Elders on them, the cobra is thrown back and knocked out by the force. Most cobras hunt at dawn or dusk although some species are known to forage during the heat of the day. The Lion Guard approaches the Cobras' hole after a flood to ensure that the snakes aren't trapped in the resulting mud. Release Date $15.95. Least Concern. He manages to persuade them into letting him go, with the promise of proving that Kion can speak to Mufasa, and planting the idea of them speaking with Scar in his head. Ushari is lying in the grass when Bunga jumps on him. Bunga grabs the fruit from Ushari and flees, Kion leaping after him. PARK AVE 12 Lion Guard Figures with Jumbo Egg Storage, 1-2" Tall Mini King Figure Toys for Kids Deluxe Cupcake Cake Toppers Party Favor Decoration 4.4 out of 5 stars 190. Some areas which are seen painted in the stock photo are not actually painted on the product itself. They live in the Pride Lands and the Outlands. Ushari is in a bush, where Bunga lands on his head unexpectedly. [1] All have a characteristic ability to raise the front quarters of their bodies off the ground and flatten their necks to appear larger to a potential predator.[2]. $12.99. The Lion Guard (Egyptian Cobra) When Janja questions what that will do, Ushari tells him that this will cut off a major water supply during the middle of the dry season. Ushari starts to fight with Janja when he's late for his meeting with Scar.. Scar explains his next to plan to Janja which is to enter the Pride Lands, enter the riverbank above Hakuna Matata Falls at night, and push the rocks into the river until it stops the water from flowing. [3], While most bite to defend themselves there are a few that spit or shoot their venom out from their fangs. The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. The Lion Guard (Black-Necked Spitting Cobra).

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