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I like strength a lot. It’s fun! Odd closeness but angels were an odd bunch. She is the attendant and martial arts teacher of Belmod. If you want to participate in TMI Tuesday’s that means sending asks as well as receiving them. For now, she reckoned that it was more for them to bond than anything…. - For the sake of interesting rps and the like, she is also actively looking for a replacement for Rumsshi who, at least in this blog, has expressed a desire to retire and spend his remaining years as mortal, not a god. Keep it fun and ic. “That depends on what kind of reaction you want, Kusu… Are we qualifying this as sibling-safe territory, or pushing the envelope like with Cucatail?”. Team Universe 10 is a team presented by Rumsshi, Gowasu, and Kusu with the gathering of the strongest warriors from Universe 10, in order to participate in the Tournament of Power. Shortly after, Basil also crossed paths with Napapa, and attempted to do the same, while close to the edge of the arena. With booty-shorts pulled on and a loose shirt covering her torso, one would get to see that Kusu was a tad more shapely than angel attire seemed to suggest. It IS my role to be an observer after all. They were later revived with their universe when Team Universe 7 won the tournament and wished to restored the erased universes. Please note that some answers may be NSFW. I just wanted to know if you think I look pretty in mortal clothing… Been collecting it for a while now but never really showed it off to anyone.”. He has pale blue skin like most Angels and shoulder length white hair parted at the middle. That should give a vague impression of my tastes!”, “To be quite honest, I don’t expect too much attention. While she has a large collection, she rarely gets a chance to show it off or model it for others. The shorter of the two placed her finger on her cheek, idly glancing aside. “Hmm…. The short women, dressed as she was, sauntered over and  sat herself on the other’s lap, straddling the younger angel as she settled there. Who's Who in the DC Universe #10 - Angel & The Ape to Wild Dog. After all we’re only going to find out your dirt anyway. While certainly wise, it is hard to tell if she takes most things seriously. - While not on the level of her younger brother Whis, Kusu has a fondness for mortal foods. “Buffness is up there. more. In the anime, Team Universe 10 was the only team in the tournament where the majority of their members weren't eliminated by Team Universe 7. Send me a symbol. She sounded quite eager to show it off to another, specially one of her siblings. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other After Universe 2's Kamikaze Fireballs transformation, Ribrianne's A Maiden's Charge ended up defeating Dyrasem as collateral damage, before he could fight Piccolo. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This team shares some similarities with Team Universe 3, its twin counterpart: No members of the teams are shown in the opening Limit-Break x Survivor. From this, we are able to grow holistically, with our material and spiritual needs assured by our angel. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Roleplay in the bedroom, a slight bit of dominance here and there with me leading that… Anything with some excitement and tenderness too. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. In the anime, despite the fact that Rumsshi recruited Rylibeu and Dium for orbital advantages, the two were the first and the second to be eliminated. So why not her? Napapa is later attacked by Frieza and temporarily unconscious, but since Frieza did not throw him out of the ring, he eventually awoke and returned to fighting.

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