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After becoming the subject of an Internet meme in 2015, Cena became a minor meme on the SiIvaGunner channel. 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[2], John Cena has expressed gratitude for the online phenomenon in interviews,[7][12] feeling proud for at least being "accepted" by others as a popular culture figure. We hope you’ve been enjoying the unexpected John Cena meme, 2015’s interpretation of the Rick Roll. The meme has also gained much natority on Tumblr as well[6]. [7] The WWE made their own Unexpected Cena video compiling the wrestler's most remembered moments of him interrupting matches. [2][5] Some have accused him of causing the downfall of other wrestlers' careers in the WWE, including the members of The Nexus, a heel stable he feuded with and at one point was a member of in 2010. "[6] David D. of the blog Uproxx considered it to be the highest degree of rickrolling given how "incredibly obnoxious" the theme song is when it is played out of nowhere during a clip,[1] but also called it a knock-off of the parts in WWE Slam City where John Cena and his theme song are also sometimes presented at an unexpected moment. The Unexpected John Cena meme came about in 2014 after a local radio station's prank call went viral on Vine and Youtube. Hope you all enjoy it! Since it follows the spirit of the unexpected John Cena meme, I have decided that this is a feature, not a bug. 'i' Listen. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. So when pop culture is kind enough to let you in, exploit you, and in a lot of cases make fun of you, and you're just gonna be the vehicle to push this new gag, I totally embrace it. And his name is JOHN CENA explosion "I have invaded the internet on a sometimes annoying meme," Cena admitted in the video. While Cena was already very popular as a wrestler, the memes helped to push his popularity into new heights, instantly making him a global sensation. On August 2nd, 2014, Youtuber muckmouth uploaded a video of the audio clip and has gained over 1 million views (shown below, left). Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. Now, Cena has partnered with US carrier Cricket Wireless to bring the meme to life. Unexpected John Cena is your new favorite internet meme. The meme generally takes jab at his over-publicity and inserts it into an unrelated situation as a scene stealer.[2]. You can see examples of it here. © 2007-2020 Literally Media Ltd. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! Indian Twitter Users Are Feeling The Weight Of 2020 In This New Trending Meme, "Haikyuu!! ", While "The Time Is Now. [4] On June 29, 2016, Cena and Cricket Wireless brought the meme to life by surprising many of his fans during a fake audition. Whether it's in praise or total humor, I don't care. Keep it underground. This is unavoidable. On June 11th, 2015, Youtuber King Nate uploaded a Vine compilation of "Unexpected Cena" gaining over 2 million views (shown below, right). Naturally, chaos ensued. "Thanks to Cricket Wireless, today we get to make that meme real.". [1] A video by the Fine Brothers showing several YouTube personalities reacting to clips of the meme was done as part of their YouTubers React series.[10]. If you have, guess what? The prank has been the bane of many an internet user's existence for some time, but now John Cena … by [9][1] Levels have been made in Super Mario Maker based on the meme. WWE "superfans" were brought into what they thought was an audition for a role as ambassador for a WWE-themed Cricket store. When John Cena teamed up with Cricket Wireless to make the Unexpected John Cena meme a reality they madde yet another meme. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jun 19, 2015 at 02:31PM EDT Unexpected John Cena, also known as simply Unexpected Cena or And His Name is John Cena, refers to an Internet meme and a form of trolling involving videos that first garnered popularity on video-sharing services such as Vine and YouTube in the summer of 2015. [5][4], Unexpected Cena videos were first uploaded to sites such as YouTube, Vine and Twitter and became popular around the summer of 2015,[7][6] leading to coverage of the meme in publications such as Sports Illustrated[6] and Uproxx. [12] A writer for the International Business Times felt that the Unexpected John Cena would help the WWE in their struggles with transitioning to digital media given Cena's increased internet popularity from the meme. ". As one journalist wrote, "some have chosen a short, but sweet, route, while others have been incredibly elaborate in their surprise. Films such as Spider-Man, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, children's movies such as Inside Out, televisions series Dora the Explorer, Blue's Clues, Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z, Breaking Bad and even footage of other WWE wrestling matches have been used to make the videos.

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