telus reviews

I had to pay half the bill for the charges that would have been covered in the package I called and had “put on.” I had one month left so I paid my bill and confirmed on the phone so I owe anything else? Remember 6 feet apart. I got let go. 32 reviews of Telus "They treated me awful. Got $65 for internet 2 year contract first bill was over $400 because of GBs even though I have unlimited. They never added it or completed the order as they charged me for long distance charges. So now I have to ask another worker to take my on call for the night therefore I am missing out on money. The pros?- practically unlimited over time, by that I mean it’s capped at 11 hours a day (12 hour shift)- they are open 7 days a week so you have great flexibility on when to work. are there 0 stars? Rate It:-Choose Rating. I was then transferred 28 times before a lady figured out that guy disappeared and so she sent an emergency tech lady "out right away" this call was at 145pm. Impossible to get a hold of anyone at anytime. They promote within and some of the higher ups actually pay attention to hardworking people. 2hours!!!! So. I would give them a 0-star review if I could. They didn't show and told me to stay home another day. You cannot work more than that due to operating hours and your daily hour cap (they don’t want to pay you double time for working over 12 hours)- training is paidThe cons?- well let’s start with the fact that training consists of 3 weeks....except in the little paper work you sign at hiring it apparently clearly states that if need be they can up and cancel your class (it snowed, not bad, but bad where the instructor lived) so already training is 7 hour days and you now up and went from 35/week paid training to just 28 hours. My paypal postage refund link wouldnt work and paypal gave me their email address. And it is by far the worst telecommunications company in Canada.Waiting on the phone for over an hour is normal for this company.The equipment they installed in my place consistently fails. She walked me thru the full set up of the SIM cards and setting up the phone numbers. I was told by my Koodo rep and a Telus rep that I could do this. I was able to go for a shower, make lunch, have a few beers and I’m still on hold. Their hardware is complete garbage, their service is complete garbage, and they as a company are complete garbage. In September, I opened an internet account under my name. I received an email back stating they dont deal with the seller only the customer. Management is demeaning. I have been a customer for 4 years now and my monthly plan is extremely expensive compared to competitors as well as Telus's current plans. After a week of waiting I called back. I did have a tec guy come and fixed it in June and he made it worst and never a call back. Which is not remotely true. On top of this the data overages are a huge rip off and you end up paying WAY too much in comparison to competitors. No contracts. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. I am locked in for two years, but may consider paying out the contract as all of Telus services are so unreliable.

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