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I keep breed the spotted and stimsons pythons. Very, very small by common snake standards. The specifics of their cage environment are 75-80 on the cool side and 90 on the hot side. Small mammals, frogs, birds and lizards make up the diet with the python able to sense the body heat coming off their prey. To my knowledge I am the only one who does so in Alaska. I hope to get video of my own adults up soon, but for now enjoy these, videos (not my own)which I feel give an accurate feel, I go over in depth how I care for my snakes i. t.  There is a section specifically devoted to mini pythons closer to the bottom. This is discussed in depth in the care page, but to put it briefly you would want to pick up two of these. It does not mean that you can just neglect them, but they are a very hardy species. A few leaves off a plastic vine is attractive addition. They flick their tongue to taste the air and use their eyes to find their food. Feed once a week, make sure they have water available, pretty standard stuff really. This especially applies to mini pythons. Lawrence Alec Smith described the species in 1985. Stimson Python Care and Advice Sheet . The python is non-venomous, and kills its prey by coiling around it so that it can’t breathe. The Stimson’s python (Antaresia s timsoni), also known as the large-blotched python, is a small, wide-ranging species endemic to Australia. Terrarium: Stimson’s Pythons do not require an enclosure with very much height, however if given the correct environment with climbing enrichment they will explore their enclosure. It expands and would cover a small critter keeper or. about it for their care. etc. safe for fish, its safe for reptiles. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Particle substrate (aspen, pellets) is preferred to allow fecal matter to cluster and be easily removed, also if ingested it can pass through the python’s system without any issue. They are the smallest pythons in the world. They are, . STIMSONS PYTHON CARE SHEET Childrens/Stimsons/Spotted These are a very easy pythons to keep. Keeping of any snakes requires setting proper environment and proper maintenance afterwards. . Believe it or not, this is a good size tank for a 5" snake. Many reptile keepers ship up their rodents at much less cost, do not mind selling defrosted pinkies to customers of mine. on why inexpensive escape proof plastic containers (such, shoeboxes) are the superior method for housing reptiles than fish tanks. I like that. Natural Habitat: Perth in the southern part of the coastal range, north to the southern edge of the Kimberley region: Scientific Name: Antaresia stimsoni: Size: Maximum length is approximately 100 cm: Life Expectancy: 15 – 25 years in captivity if well cared for : Living Temps: Day time temperature of 32-35°C . Stimson's Pythons move in a side-to-side swimming motion. These guys never need to eat rats, even as adults. Stimsons pythons are nocturnal. Mold is very much a bad thing for the lungs of your snake. You will need to find a way to secure the lid in a way that prevents a 5" snake from escaping though. As they grow so should the enclosure size, with a 2-3 foot enclosure suitable for an adult Stimson python. Taxonomy. You may have fidget with the placement of the, to get the right temperature gradient. The antaresia complex of pythons consist of the spotted, stimsons, childrens, and anthill pythons. . Have fun with it! General Information. complex of pythons consist of the spotted, , and anthill pythons. I have a couple specimens in my collection that are at least 25 years old, and I suspect they could live for many more years. 30cm is sufficient for a hatchling and it’s important to make sure they don’t feel threatened by a large space. Odds are with just your water dish in a small tank you will (and should) get to that humidity range. Antaresia stimsoni or ‘Stimmie’, is hands-down the most attractive of the genus Antaresia. that I use for other snakes with these guys, but if, is the exact same thing I use in a smaller size, it costs $6.29. One of the smaller pythons, they grow to a metre long. It does not have to be underneath their belly. than underneath. Stimson's pythons are sold and kept as pets in some Australian states. The reason to use this bedding is that it will hold humidity naturally without molding. The important factor here is that there is a gradient in which the animal can choose for themselves what temperature to be at. Ryan Young is a professional reptile breeder with one of the most diverse python collections in the U.S. . Stimsons Python (Antaresia stimsoni) Image Credit : Mickael Leger Photographie. Like many other snakes, it can go for months without feeding. Habitat. The enclosure needs to be large enough to provide multiple hide rocks and maintain a thermal gradient, a terrarium that is 90x45x45cm (WxDxH) would be suitable to house a pair of mature Stimsons Pythons. - Stimsons Python - Spotted Python - Childrens Python Housing As these pythons only grow quite small there is no need to have an over large enclosure for them and can cause problems if the cage is too big. Wood shavings do tend to mold quickly at 60% humidity. They all only grow between 3-4 feet so they are a popular one for first time snake owners. may prove difficult, which is dangerous for your snake. They are even tempered and are known to be good pets for beginner snake keepers. These guys do not have the reluctant kind of feed issues that. Hatchlings are born between 5 and 10 inches long. HOUSING: Stimson’s Pythons are best housed separately (except when breeding) but if housing more than one together, special care needs to be taken when feeding. They cost $0.59 petco online, I think they are a dollar a piece in store though. This, difficult to achieve at household temperature, since their small cage requirements will often heat both sides to the proper temperature so long as you have provided the mandatory heat source. Scientific Facts Common Name:Stimson’s PythonsScientific Name:Antaresia stimsoniLife Span:15 to 25 yearsSize:34 inchesHabitat:Arid grasslands, woodlands, shrublands, and desertsCountry of Origin:Western and Central Australia Physical Description Image Source The Stimson's pythons … Like many pythons, its head, which is bigger than its neck, contains heat sensing organs to help locate its prey. and hides. This small robust python can be distinguished from the others in the group by its mostly light background colour, with large red blotches. Named after Andrew Stimson, a herpetologist at the British Museum, the original description was published in 1985 by Laurie A. Smith of the Western Australia Museum. Images of Stimsons Python Stimson Python Habitat Stimson Python Size Stimson’s Python Care Stimson’s Python Enclosure Stimson’s Python Fully Grown Published on January 12th 2017 by staff under Snakes. Central and Western Australia, in arid grasslands, shrublands, woodlands and desert. my knowledge I am the only one who does so in Alaska. The species is endemic to Australia. all they need really, but feel free to add in some, décor if you like. I offer. They, may be curious how big they will get as adults. Often in small caging, it is better to mount the heat pad on the. My, once a week. tub. With proper care, a Stimson’s python could live quite a long time. If you must use a fish tank, a five gallon would be as large as you should go for a hatchling. Their small size is one of the biggest draw for this species, in my opinion. I often can place a pinky mouse in their cup lined dishes, close the tub and they take care of the rest without any teasing. Stuff to climb on and in is never. If, always best to show and not tell. It is best to keep young pythons in smaller enclosures, as they can be intimidated by large spaces. So ill include only that which is specific to mini pythons here. Stimson's python (Antaresia stimsoni) is a species of python, a snake in the family Pythonidae. Enclosure size will depend on the size of your python. and ball pythons tend to. They are even tempered and are known to be good pets for beginner snake keepers. These are escape proof, offer perfect clarity, and are often less expensive. about as simple as feeding a dog. They are the smallest pythons in the world. I think you will too. They sell these at. That is an option. Related Species. There would be nothing wrong with using one of these, the same thing only more finely ground, and in a smaller quantity. Something around 2-3 feet is suitable with a height of a maximum of 2 feet. I keep breed the spotted and. Article was last reviewed on 13th June 2019. The smallest, are 4" x7" which is pretty much perfect.

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