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Sara simply embraced her and the sisters reconciled. Laurel and Oliver have known each other since they were young, and they know each other's families very well. [80] They also stated that, "Death does not mean goodbye on any of these shows" hinting at a possible return for the character/actress. You can combine up to 4 sibling names. When Laurel tried to go after Komodo, Oliver argued she would be killed and assured her he would catch Komodo this time. Unfortunately, it's also the most popular, and may appear quite bland because of that. My friend`s sister is named Laurel and I like it alot. Black Siren turns against Shadow Thief and stands with Team Arrow. At Laurel's visit with Maya Resnik she reveals that Sebastian actually murdered his own father. Also Known As Oliver assured her that wasn't the case, telling Laurel that she has always seen the best in him and the island brought out the person that she always saw. Oliver then (genuinely) thanked her and apologized for not having given her the benefit of the doubt. Seeing her with the gun, the Arrow tried to talk her out of her revenge, warning her this wouldn't bring Sara back, but Laurel refused to listen, angrily declaring she was doing this for her sister. Please add to or correct the information provided by other members of the Nameberry community. [76], Sara's story serves as a backstory for Laurel's eventual path to becoming the 'Black Canary', who is also a legacy character in the comics. Laurel then visited Thea and the two talked about everything that's recently happened to her. There's a city near me named Laurel also! She then visited Oliver at Verdant and hugged him, saying that he is one of the few people she values in her life.[50]. Felicity and Dinah cleared Laurel's name by giving the evidence of Emiko's involvement in Hernandez's death over to the SCPD. Aurora Claire & … [22], Soon after, Laurel and Tommy began a casual affair. The three of them eventually found that "Level Two" was a psychiatric program that was intended to re-socialize the Slabside inmates. Laurel about to tell Oliver that she knows, She leaves the hospital and realizes that Sara is The Canary, and that both of them are lying to her about being in a motorcycle accident. [11] Their burgeoning rift is exacerbated by Laurel having to second chair Moira Queen's trial for the destruction of the Glades. She mocks Quentin when he tries to stop her from escaping during an encounter, saying she would have shot him on Lian Yu were she in his position. Laurel eventually tracked her down and apologized for not telling her the truth sooner. During their conversation, Laurel met Felicity Smoak. Current timeline: After Ruvé Adams' mayoral inauguration, she approached Laurel with the offer to become the district attorney after making DA Remz her deputy mayor. Laurel talked with Ted while he was in custody. After striking up an unlikely friendship with Nyssa al Ghul who shared stories of Sara with her, and offered her further training, Laurel started to regain her sense of self-discipline and control. Ultimately though, she is very supportive of their relationship. [96] Despite this, Sara secretly began her own crusade to kill Damien Darhk in the past before he could kill Laurel and attempted to kill him in 1942[102] and 1987. Actually I like Laura a lot, but with my choice of first names, Laurel just shines. [42], A week later, the changes the Lazarus Pit made to Thea are becoming undeniable when she breaks a thug's arm during interrogation. Lance and tells the Arrow all the details she's uncovered about Blood. Sutton would always distance herself from Laurel. After Oliver realizes that The Undertaking is the disease he's been clearing symptoms of all year, he concludes that he can stop The Undertaking and then resign as "The Hood". When Ray Palmer tries to bring forth information to the police that Oliver is the Arrow, Laurel succeeds at blocking him, causing Ray to decide to take matters into his own hands, though he eventually realized Oliver was innocent. Laurie, Thea approached Laurel, wondering why she was there. But how we get from A to B is the story of our show – People will see how Caity Lotz fits into Laurel's journey along the way". He feels like she doesn't care about anything or anyone but herself, although she doesn't take care of herself and he throws Tommy's death in her face. However, Laurel suddenly pulled away and rushed out, distressed. As the ADA, Laurel conducted a prison search in Damien's cell at Iron Heights in order to locate the idol but was unsuccessful. Laurel realizes Sara and Oliver are sleeping together. It was added by Cassidy at the Pilot table read, as she wanted it to signal that intimate connection between them. When the three refused to believe him, Malcolm brought out an old friend of Oliver's, Tatsu Yamashiro. Later that day at Verdant, Oliver promised Laurel he would find Sara's killer. It is the state flower of North Carolina. I've always preferred Laurel for a boy though. and that she had been tortured by the organization for the past two years, as the public is now convinced that Earth-1 Laurel is alive. In 2016, the penultimate episode of The Flash season two introduces an antagonist doppelgänger of Laurel Lance from the parallel universe Earth-2, who is known as Black Siren. Arbor Day Names: If you love the tree but not the name, Celebrity Babies: Latest starbaby name predictions. Laurel tearfully wondered why everyone in her life whom she loved seemed to end up running away from her. Nyssa's assumptions are proven correct when Malcolm later backs out of the agreement and tries to steal the cure. That night, the assassin was killed by Oliver, allowing Laurel and Tommy were safe to go home. After the funeral, Oliver stood over Laurel's grave for hours, during which Barry Allen arrived to pay his respects, though regretfully missed the funeral itself because of an encounter with Zoom. [53], Laurel was later abducted by Slade, who wished to avenge Shado's death by killing her, as he believed Laurel to be the woman Oliver loved. After Laurel was injected by one of Werner Zytle's Vertigo-filled throwing darts, which caused her to see a hallucination of Sara and was almost killed by the latter, she finally realized that Oliver was right (that she was using vigilantism and adrenaline to avoid facing the fact that Sara was dead and she was never coming back); Laurel finally came clean to her father about her sister's death which cost her her relationship with him, though they admit they'll always love one another. [45], Laurel was taken to the hospital for an apparent overdose, where her parents watched over her. He even goes so far as to suggest that being the Black Canary is something Laurel does to not feel the pain of Sara's death, and that it has turned into an adrenaline high feeding her addiction. Laurel constantly stayed by his side, so much so that a doctor insisted she take some time off from her father. Oliver believes, partially out of guilt for Laurel's death which Oliver blames himself for, that Earth-2 Laurel could find redemption, believing choices are caused by circumstances, but also so he can forgive himself for what happened to Laurel. Laurel can be stubborn, feisty, and independent and doesn't like to be told what to do. However, Laurel was confused as Felicity pointed out the DNA did not match with Roy's. Once Laurel presented the evidence gathered by the Arrow, Steelgrave accepted the guilty plea for 15 to 20 years in prison. MAIN• Childhood Friend Romance• High School Sweethearts• I Want My Beloved to Be Happy — Oliver wanted Laurel with Tommy as Oliver couldn't be with her because of his secret identity• The One That Got Away — Both Oliver and Laurel feel like this at one point• Our Love Is Different — Laurel took this approach when they were together• Star-Crossed Lovers — No matter how hard they tried, they could never get togetherMOMENTS• Don't You Dare Pity Me!• Dying Declaration of Love — Laurel to Oliver• It's Not You, It's My Enemies — Season 1• Sibling Triangle — with Sara. Although overjoyed to have her sister back, Laurel is advised by Malcolm to prepare for the worst. Laurel then called Emiko and arranged for a meeting. Fanpop quiz: What was the name of Laurel's sister? [37], At Tommy's funeral, Laurel gave his eulogy in Oliver's absence, emphasizing that Tommy was so much more than a billionaire playboy and how much she came to love him. Once Earth-2 Laurel was captured Caitlin considered telling Sara and Quentin about her but Barry voted against it, not wanting to ruin their memory of Laurel. She works with the team to stop Brick from releasing a horde of Star City's criminals, but to no avail. Later, Laurel trains with Sara at the Arrowcave and Sara asks what she thinks she should do about joining the Legends. Immediately after, one of them pointed a gun at her before she could do anything else. After her lead council falls ill, Laurel has to assume his place and brutally cross-examine Moira's relationship with Malcolm Merlyn in court. The following day, Laurel got a call from Dinah, who scolded Laurel for forcing the confessions of her suspects during interrogations. A drunk and miserable Thea later blasts the truth at Oliver's homecoming party, but Laurel lets him know she needs neither his forgiveness nor permission given what he did to her. Sara started brutally beating a guard until Laurel's voice calmed her down. Laurel Lance When they entered the building, they separated and Laurel was attacked by one of the Longbow Hunters. Does your new baby already have siblings and you want names that match? In spite of her words, he visits her again to convince her that he isn't a killer anymore. Laurel insisted that Oliver should continue fighting for the sake of his family and friends and not surrender to Slade, stating that she knew him better than anyone else and that he never gives up. Laurel and Ray were able to extract Andy. After Damien, Malcolm, Andy, and the prisoners escaped, Oliver brought Laurel to Starling General. When Tommy was cut off by his father, Malcolm Merlyn, Laurel assured him that it was not his money which she found attractive. [14], Laurel met with Oliver at Verdant for coffee, confiding in him about her and Tommy's breakup. Nonetheless, she ended up following them. 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