rio tinto interim dividend 2020

A board-led review of their heritage management processes is underway. The Board is committed to maintaining an appropriate balance between cash returns to shareholders and investment in the business, with the intention of maximising shareholder value. Although RBC appears to believe this investment case is fully priced in, maintaining a price target of $90 on Rio Tinto, 13 per cent below today's ASX closing price of $103.40. $2.5 billion interim ordinary dividend declared today, with interim pay-out ratio at 53% of first half underlying earnings, equivalent to 155 US cents per share, 3% higher than 2019 first half. They declare and pay Rio Tinto plc dividends in pounds sterling and Rio Tinto Limited dividends in Australian dollars. They determine dividends in US dollars. ��QC!ځK�b yK��N�[�:��@? In June 2020 we made a final payment of $1.0 billion in Australian income tax with respect to 2019 profits. �)��`��y • $2.8 billion free cash flow was 28% lower than 2019 first half, reflecting the lower operating cash flow and a 13% rise in capital expenditure to $2.7 billion due to an increase in development capital. The next Rio Tinto plc dividend is expected to go ex in 5 months and to be paid in 6 months. Rio's chief executive Jean-Sebastien Jacques said the miner did well to maintain earnings at a high level despite the pandemic and a drop in prices for aluminium and copper. H�\�͊�@��>E-���u��H ��!��a2� F+a�b�"o?u. Rio Tinto declares interim ordinary dividend of $2.5 billion 29 July 2020 Rio Tinto Chief Executive J-S Jacques said “We have been agile and adapted our way of working, to deliver another resilient performance while navigating the new and ongoing challenges of dealing with COVID-19. Rio said iron ore prices over the first half were up 1 per cent year-on-year, in contrast to an 11 per cent decline for copper and 13 per cent fall for aluminium. The intention is that the balance between the interim and final dividend be weighted to the final dividend. �$aR��!�π�[��U�H� �4���d`�`�� �8�1�u#�4fofwFk�,GXv����>�C0/��W��!��T�6�032ށ2+��7C���@z%w��.b`�� /�dx�̈́�b0 %n� H�\P�j� ��s�=,� endstream endobj startxref Taking exclusions into account, net earnings of $3.3 billion mainly reflected $1.0 billion of impairments, of four aluminium smelters and the Diavik diamond mine, and exchange rate movements. • $4.8 billion underlying earnings was 4% lower than 2019 first half. • They remain committed to their relationship with communities, following the Juukan Gorge events in the Pilbara. H�py���U�^� Based on exchange rates on 25 February 2020, Rio Tinto plc shareholders will receive 177.47 pence per share and Rio Tinto Limited shareholders will receive 349.74 Australian cents per share for the final dividend. • $2.5 billion interim ordinary dividend declared today, with interim pay-out ratio at 53% of first half underlying earnings, equivalent to 155 US cents per share, 3% higher than 2019 first half. x�x�[�=�K��>P_~��mI����*_�l��j@�������h�l��2~�% /� ���^����u�$�]z�u ���� Q���R��"�vRQ�R���Q*b�|�s1};{U���4OoFSQ�IE&�q����C�0`[�$�XF�X)�A���D�]��8�^�ski� 9;���m:��d�W�ED~���������7�r#k;�r�����ph �%�=��C2� �Q�W��꓋���t�r���̇�\_\����oP��@����a,�a�G`̃�����% G��,8TO�h5 k�]����ȣ���OĽfg�C��de��Oi���d��6[ݟ��'� I;�� Iron ore prices were stable, reflected in underlying EBITDA margin of 47%. is owned and operated by DividendMax Ltd. All DividendMax content is provided for informational and research purposes only and is not in any way meant to represent trade or investment recommendations. We accept no liability whatsoever for any decision made or action taken or not taken. Rio Tinto's boss has described his company's COVID-19 performance as "resilient", but one analyst is labelling it "exceptional", despite a 20 per cent profit fall. 11746 0 obj <>stream h�bbd```b``y"�H�F��̶���"� ���d��U&��) �u�|V��^Dz� IƝ�@�N+��l���wȆ���A7 $t������ O9Y "Rio Tinto reveals maiden Resource at Winu and new discoveryついては40ページをご覧ください。 リオティントについて リオティントは、ロンドンとニューヨークの証券取引所に上場するRio Tinto plcと、オーストラリア証券取引所に 上場するRio Tinto Limitedからなる二元上場会社で、英国に本社を置いています。 RBC analyst Tyler Broda went further, highlighting the company's very low $US14.50 per tonne iron ore production costs, at a time when the spot price in China is holding above $US100 per tonne and Rio was paid an average of $US85.40 a tonne for the ore it sold during the half. Western Australia's decision to keep its iron ore mines running during the COVID-19 pandemic may have helped save Australia's economy from a much worse decline. ��\�TϷ8)N)~Б�=���Y)懋�����(G�������$e~�8+�g�*���=?dU2�Nʚk��j��� �Y�8�|cϷ6)N/~�БR�@���� !�i/HIg�Ck����H����ۉ�2 AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time which is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), Pilbara mining blast confirmed to have destroyed 46,000yo cultural sites, The destruction of two rock shelters in WA reveals a disturbing lack of appreciation for our heritage, Rio Tinto knew six years ago about 46,000-year-old cave site it blasted, Hotel quarantine inquiry seeks explanation from Sutton after emails contradict his evidence, Live: Victorian Government says constitutional challenge to lockdown restrictions has no legal merit, Footballer who 'didn't remember' dragging nurse down Melbourne laneway not guilty of sex crime, Federal Police to contact ICAC over Western Sydney Airport land deal, Di spotted a man in a balaclava outside her house. She knew who it was, but proving it was nearly impossible, Victoria may have recorded its first day of zero new cases since June 9, Angry Anderson's son bashed to death by friend who 'felt possessed' after taking 10 ecstasy pills, court told, What we know about the mute button being used at the final US presidential debate, 'On-and-off again' partner of woman found dead on Sydney driveway arrested, Asylum seeker 'unlawfully deprived' of liberty by Alan Tudge sues for false imprisonment. h�b```���,�B ��ea����`��S�:nI��0q��#� ��6(g��f�q�o@�3��&��_'��u�J�^̲��TA0��l���3U�V3&���e��(� h�$�lv@?��ED����yÄ1A��*x�L�vf�3h��X�R~ħ@܆y��c؃���X�n�?�t�ս�dB�aE���f��U^>�������ʁ�� • $9.6 billion underlying EBITDA was 6% lower than 2019 first half, primarily due to lower prices for aluminium and copper. ��KN�mp��%YL�O��:�{�����3h[�8Ҡ7�zF��v�,�.o��)>�� k�\Ø`q��`�~B�Uꕪe��?�xu ��։)Y�B����a)�,����Xg��e}�Q͚�����J0��"���+� `�s� *The record date for holders of US ADRs will be 9 March 2020. Despite the drop in profit, the Anglo-Australian mining giant announced a 3 per cent increase in its interim dividend to $US1.55 ($2.15) per share. Twisted Sister rocker tells court being linked to Clive Palmer is not good for his 'heavy metal image', ICAC's independence compromised by funding being controlled by incumbent Premier, report finds, Two new COVID-19 cases in NSW, both linked to known sources, WA Premier says he should have told public two Australians disembarked COVID-hit ship, 'Vile, profane, vulgar': Lambie's ex-staffer details workplace complaints in unfair dismissal case, Rio Tinto-owned company 'squabbling' over payments for monitoring of Kakadu uranium mine, Liberal leadership tussles begin after ACT election loss, Argentina records 1 million coronavirus cases as second wave slams Latin America, having destroyed a 46,000-year-old Aboriginal cultural site in May. American Depository Receipt (ADR) holders receive dividends at the declared rate in US dollars. endstream endobj 11719 0 obj <>stream %%EOF �)��`��� �?������� �?������� �?���+{��^E��Wѫ�U�*{��^E��Wѫ�U�*{��^�z97�ܔsS�M97�ܔsS�M97�܌s3���7��~���7��~���7��~���7��~���7��~��h3����U1�g��g+��b�g��Z�-m[|��ϒްp>6VOڐ�s�ՏaH+mZ��.�k���i�[��)�d ��Ed Acknowledging the cyclical nature of the industry, in periods of strong earnings and cash generation, it is the Board's intention to supplement the ordinary dividends with additional returns to shareholders. At the end of each financial period, the Board determines an appropriate total level of ordinary dividend per share, taking into account the results for the financial year, the outlook for our major commodities, the Board's view of the long-term growth prospects of the business and the company's objective of maintaining a strong balance sheet. Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. ���v@������ ��2?B`���ڤ��L�B�(�|�GGKG�2�`� �XA%�pt0B(�J m��c��"03�4T�a �1��H� We will make a submission to the Inquiry by the Joint Standing Committee on Northern Australia by 31 July. The financial results are prepared in accordance with IFRS and are unaudited. However, the miner's West Australian iron ore division was not without problems so far this year, having destroyed a 46,000-year-old Aboriginal cultural site in May. Rio's chief executive Jean-Sebastien Jacques said the miner did well to maintain earnings at a high level despite the pandemic and a drop in prices for aluminium and copper. The 2020 interim dividend has been converted at exchange rates applicable on 28 July 2020 (the latest practicable date prior to the declaration of the dividend). … The Board expects total cash returns to shareholders over the longer term to be in a range of 40-60% of underlying earnings in aggregate through the cycle. endstream endobj 11718 0 obj <>stream • $5.6 billion operating cash flow was 12% lower than 2019 first half, mainly due to lower prices and the effect of timing differences. "For Rio to post such strong results in a challenging period really does reinforce the consistent cash and dividend investment case that it has built over recent years, increasingly compelling with commodity markets generally shifting into tighter conditions.". If there's a Brisbane storm on Saturday night, will the AFL grand final be delayed?

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