reg park 5x5

It was simple and accessible, a full body workout that targeted multiple muscle groups. Listen to your body though – if you feel you’d benefit from a few lighter sets, especially for squats, do it. Can I practice martial arts on 2 alternate days for 60 mins each and still make gains on the park 5×5? The man is truly a legend of the sport and has been a major influence on many bodybuilders for decades now. Reg Park was a big advocate of not over-training, and working through Phase 1, as stipulated, leaves plenty in the tank for the following phases and allows lots of room form rest and recovery. This forgotten move will make your delts stronger, rounder, and healthier. Take a look at his classic system on the next page. Just a couple of questions for me to be guided accordingly…. As I mention, the best way to tackle this heavy workload in Phase 3 is to either split the workout into two smaller sessions (follow up a heavier session with a lighter workout the next day using some of the more isolation exercises) or reduce the sets from 5 to 3 on some of the later, less important exercises (barbell curl etc). The beauty of 5×5 is that it strikes a balance between strength and size protocols. In my view, most beginners today are fed workouts by bodybuilding magazines and fitness ‘influencers’ on social media which, while effective for a certain demographic, are not really geared towards building a well-rounded, structurally sound physique. Also, we’ve featured Reg Park’s Beginner 5×5 Routine on this site, which you might like to check out: But remember this is just a guide – listen to your body and take as much (or as little) rest as you need to lift the weight that day. 5) Again, this is answered in the article: “Once you can complete that last 3 sets of 5 reps for an exercise, add 2.5-5kg to the bar.”. But Reg wasn’t only just a bodybuilder. Yes, absolutely, because unlike that programme you posted (classic split routine nonsense – a day dedicated to “Delts and Tricpes” but not a single squat in sight!) Is it safe to be deadlifting heavy three times a week? It doesn’t say if I should increase the weight and at what intervals? Hope that helps – let me know if you have any more questions! I’ve done powerboat meets in the past so I’m not stranger to the 3 big lifts. Tuesday – Shoulders I understand where he’s coming from by not training to failure. Find out right now. Reg Park’s 5×5 is one of the first 5×5 workout plans that the general public has become aware of. Having a quick 5-10 minute warm up before you hit the iron, in addition to the back extensions, should be adequate.

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