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You know how easy that could have been. We always played those guys tough, and just to beat them twice, [including] in the playoffs, that was amazing. For me, I didn’t even think about the Super Bowl until we clinched a playoff spot. It wasn’t even close. They didn’t have one winning record in their first four seasons. I would say if there was a boost, it was winning that [playoff] game. Hey look, we’re in Oakland. Oh, snap.” Yes, that was my mindset. Copyright © 2020 Baltimore Ravens. But I think the Tennessee win later in the season and the Dallas win made us go, “Yeah, we’re for real.”, Outside Linebacker Peter BoulwareVia the Ravens. I think it was the time period that we went through a stretch of five games without scoring an offensive touchdown and we won three. 2000 Ravens Super Bowl Roster Quiz Stats. We knew what championship football looked like complementary football-wise. They kept the defense together to allow us to continue to grow together and expand on our game plans and our playbook. |, Glenn Clark: Breaking Down Six Ravens Takes After Six Games, Towson Football Will Not Play Spring 2021 Season, Loyola’s Taleah Dixon, Isaiah Hart Pushing To Create Societal Change, Reaction To Ravens’ Week 6 Win Against Eagles, Five Takeaways From The Ravens’ 30-28 Win Against The Eagles, Ryan Mountcastle Shows Potential To Be Cornerstone Player For Orioles, After Injuries, DeShon Elliott Taking Advantage Of Opportunity With Ravens, Glenn Clark Radio Week In Review: Oct. 12-16, 2020, For Sam Koch, Ravens Career Has Been ‘Quite A Ride’ … But There’s More To Do. And the next day, in the team meeting, I presented the team with a minute-by-minute, practice-by-practice, week-by-week outline in detail of between then and going to the Super Bowl — playoff practices, meetings, time off all the way to the end. What swag is this? I’m not sure what he hurt. Whoa, how did the 2000 Ravens give up 36?! It was toward the end of the season. Two weeks later, that’s exactly what happened. Even in 2000, they went five straight games without scoring a touchdown and made a quarterback change. That was a mentality that I think we all shared. I knew that the opportunity to be able to play for them and to be able to add to what they were already doing, I told my wife from there on the visit, “Hey, I want to play in Baltimore because we’re going to win the Super Bowl. But they don’t just take one team’s defense and leave the offense at home. It was just easy. We were getting beat during that time because we were turning the ball over. Left Tackle Jonathan OgdenAs Written To PressBox. … Looking back on it, and even at the time, it was like a family, that whole group that we had together. What dance were we going to dance? Offensive line-wise, we were still confident even through that [five-game drought without a touchdown]. Copyright © 2020 WordSmith Media Ventures, LLC. No one ever shamed the offense. All memories were told to Glenn Clark unless otherwise noted. So that wasn’t ever the talk. … Getting to the playoffs, that was the goal, right? I think the game for me that really kind of solidified everything — and I was actually hurt, I was in a boot, I had to have surgery — was the game that Dallas came here and we just destroyed them. I had just gotten cut from Buffalo after making the Pro Bowl two years in a row, so I was kind of in shock still. Check out the top shots from the Ravens' freshly extended cornerback. We’re having success and, “OK, we just beat the Titans. The Tennessee game at Tennessee [during the regular season], that was incredible. So we discovered our identity at that point. That moment probably wasn’t until the AFC championship game because it literally was like, “Oh hey, we won. The Super Bowl to me was just like on a whole other stratosphere, so my mind couldn’t even go there. I knew we had a pretty good team but I was never sure we could win a Super Bowl. We stuck together and we got it done. Were we going to hand it off? If we’re going to the Super Bowl, we’re going as a unit.” And I said, “We’re going to get our side fixed. Popular Quizzes Today. No one had gotten together previously to talk about what they were going to say, and everybody gave their story. We can do this.”, And of course we had banned the P-word — all that good, fun stuff we had where they couldn’t say playoffs because they had to earn it. When we discovered that our defense was as good as it really was when no one was scoring on us very much during those [five games where] we didn’t score a touchdown. I think the thing is that we had some veteran guys — myself on the offensive side, Trent [Dilfer] came in and started starting, and then you had Ray [Lewis] and Rod Woodson. I said, “But now more importantly, it’s time to flip the switch. So, how DID the Baltimore Ravens win Super Bowl XXXV? There are simplistic ways to answer the question, “How did the Baltimore Ravens win Super Bowl XXXV?” The defense, led by breakout star linebacker Ray Lewis, was historically dominant, and quarterback Trent Dilfer was capable of managing an offense that relied on hard-running rookie Jamal Lewis. This is that AFC championship swag!” So I was like, “Hold on, wait a minute here. It was just a fun feel. So it was that combination of having that defense intact and keeping those players every year. What were we going to do? … I think really for me, after the Jets game, I was like, “Man, I’m in a little zone.” I had a lot going on. Everything was going our way. Offense didn't need to score at all in that Superbowl. And one of the things that happened for me was that I actually was one of those individuals as well that they called up to address [the team]. Check out the scene from the Ravens' Week 3 Monday Night game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Twenty years later, members of the 2000 Ravens look back on the team’s first Super Bowl victory, how they stuck together and when they knew they had a shot to win it all.

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