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I thought in pre season if Rodgers follows the scheme he will have a good chance for MVP and do something really special. The problem is windows close on other players. But the saints hit everything in the middle of the field around the 5 yard line. Having two keys instead of one (Preston) is big. Rather than throwing an ill-prepared Gary into the mix, they had the time to develop him and hopefully, raise his ceiling in the process. Should Packers be interested in a trade for Browns TE David Njoku? I think people are hitting thumbs down because of how you opened your comment. I've known this team outside of HOF QB's. We all have opinions. How many supposed Packer fans were calling him a bust last year. "Nick Bosa, Rashan Gary, a ridiculous 2019 NFL Draft class and one more year to watch them" - Page 183 ... Pressure rate for 2019 first-round EDGE/DL Nick … Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. You go Gary and prove the pundits wrong. And Gary projects to be one heck of a player. Please accept my most sincere apology. But believe it or not, GM Brian Gutekunst and the Packers had a plan. Obviously, the coaches are confident with the players they have and are not going to over pay for some run stuffer or a player who might or might not be marginally better then who is on the team. He had a lot to learn despite physical talent galore and he seems from what the Packers say, to be excessively hard working. Last year was a chance to recover physically and grow into his body. Coming out of graduate school with honors most every job I applied for required job experience in order to be hired. A stud dlineman in round 1 and 4 sure sounds good right now. I have been around since the Bart Starr days and fans whining about the team's past mistakes gets old. Although it’s a small sample size, it appears that he was starting to make strides late in the year. If they picked him thinking he was going to start right out of the gate, then yes, they dropped the ball. There’s a trend on this site and others to try and I told you so about the packers receivers and Gary after two games. probably backup at OLB because I don't think he's big enough to play inside. Which they knew before drafting him. And especially a guy there were questions about? Aaron chats with Packers fans worldwide after the team's embarrassing loss to the Buccaneers. However, performing in practice and performing in a game are two very different things. We have 1 proven wide receiver, we have 0 proven tight ends. But that's what we all enjoy doing and it would be boring if we all just agreed with each other and never made mistakes. There's a lot more to being an OLB than sacks they're just easier to track. I don't think they want to put too much on his plate. I openly bashed MVS as being hopeless. Aaron.....hyping a player, and crowning them are one in the same to me. Paul, perhaps a rhetorical question here, do you think that the fact that Gary has 2 superior OLB's in front of him is helping to lift his game - both by example and influence? And one of the savvy vets will be traded next year. THE POINT IS.....why draft an edge rusher at 12 who is a project, when you have more pressing needs on your team? Better yet, lets look at this situation analytically starting with his draft position. If you have already commented on Cheesehead TV in the past, we've created an account for you. That doesn't mean he was the best choice or even a good choice for the Packers to select with the 12th pick. It's not always who's the best college player, that makes for the best pro due to another list of factors. So I guess Houston should have cut Watt cuz he wasn't productive as a rookie, going by your assessment?! Getting pressure is more important. Who knows how Gary vs Lawrence will pan out, but I’ll take take an athletic freak pass rusher over a 340+lb lineman. I was not comforted by his lack of productivity in college. Having no idea (most don't including media) what the Packers or any team, is actually planning. M. Adams has not shown anything in three years. 1 recruit in college football's incoming Class of 2016. In my review I didn’t see that. I contend that Gutey added two O weapons for Aaron with the first 3 picks and time will tell how that works out. He is as multiple as Za. Gutekunst has to pick up a guy for the D line with Montravious again questionable, in order to make the base 3-4 work. Shooter, Any player taken 12th overall is going to have a lot of talent. In a span of five plays, Gary impacted four of them. Moving Gary inside is something that fans should expect to see more of, especially in throwing situations on third downs, according to Pettine. Also, keep in mind, on normal drafts it takes WR’s a couple of years to reach their potential. Just yesterday Aaron Nagler bemoaned how predictable the defense is in their drops. Scheme versatility will also aid Gary. I’m not sure that he took plays off in college. It is simply reports that he is looking good in his second training camp. Anyone bitching about things right now has a problem that has nothing to do with the GB Packers. Sternberger had a bad game not one that should end his career. IT ISN'T ABOUT RASHAN GARY!! If you don't understand why having a stable of effective pass rushers is important, then you have a short memory. They need the SC to pay some key FA’s on their team. That should speak for itself....one would hope. Pro football Reference tracks QB hits (my go-to stat since it is objective) and pressures. Well, through training camp and the Packers' first two games, it looks like he's found that consistency because Gary is off to an excellent start. If he blossoms (which isn't a certainty), the question then becomes when. But who cares, we need more pass rushers right? Now she could face up to 6 months in jail, More Than 70% of Shoppers Have This Food Fear About Coronavirus. I love seeing the long play action pass as well as pre snap movement. Oh, and I almost forgot: Warren Sapp was also drafted 12th overall. Does Cameron Jordan drop? It may be true that PFF gave him a high pressure rate in weeks 14-16. Most said the same thing about the Packers and Rodgers when Thompson took him at 24. Not in the least. And rightfully so. But it is looking early on like Gary needed a red shirt year and he is ready to roll now. Rashan Abdul Gary (born December 3, 1997) is an American football outside linebacker for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL). And then he had a shoulder injury and missed some real time his last college season. Thanks for the heads up. After being one of the NFL's best defenses in quarterback pressures, red zone defense, and turnovers last season, the Green Bay Packers have regressed significantly in all three categories in 2020. GPG, Turn on the film from a couple years ago. The next year or 2, the Packers under Favre were back in the NFCCG (too bad Favre arm punted). As the article points out, he played sparingly his rookie year; with Gutey and the coaches teaching him and letting him come along slowly behind the Smith Bros. No reason to do it any other way last year. Keeping their pass rushers fresh will be a good thing. We know Gary has the physical tools and the work ethic to be a dominant pass-rusher in this league, but as LaFleur put it after practice, it's all about "consistency" for Rashan, especially when it comes to his technique. Given the signings of the Smith Bros, why in hell would you pick another OLB at #12 knowing he'd mostly sit on the bench? The sin is as the 12th pick....he didn't get the chance because they had nowhere to put him. Gary will get those as well as most reps Fackrell played. Our data provider is having technical issues, live scoring and stats are impacted. 5 on the team with 19 QB pressures. But, as I stated Belechick proved many times he can win championships without great WR’s. The Pack's only SB team under Rodgers was almost a fluke. Time to say goodbye. This filter will hide comments which have ratio of 5 to 1 down-vote to up-vote. When he was selected I wondered if he was a good fit. In fact according to Pro Football Focus, from Weeks 14 through 16, Gary recorded one sack and five total pressures in only 27 pass-rush attempts. Both positions were positions of need and there were good options to choose from.

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