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Italy is not only the home of pizza but represents a very strong army. USA flags were everywhere right after 9/11. It has the active frontline manpower of 620,000 and total number of aircraft of 923. A final number is called the Global Fire Power Index, and here is which 10 countries and their armies are on the top ten list. The president of France is responsible for military decisions and other related matters. Italy, in collaboration with France, has also developed next generation Air Defense Destroyer. They are the world’s leader when it comes to the air force, with 13,398 aircraft that include 5,760 helicopters. Let’s have a detailed insight: After world war 11, Japan cut off its military operations. USA also used heavy aircrafts included Apache helicopter gunship for initial strikes. Armed forces are the vital part of any country. Along with 25,000 vehicles on land, this makes China the world’s biggest land force. As per Indian government, it is a long battle for army in Kashmir because the matter is not seemed to be solved in near future. Along with that, they own around 15,000 ground operating units, together with 2,346 tanks. The president of the country acts as commander in chief of the armed forces. By Antonia Čirjak on January 8 2020 in Society. Again, the ‘’real’’ power lies in their nuclear power, which is 290 warheads. The Italian army is engaged in 26 international missions. This consists of new aircraft, helicopters, long serving AW129 attack helicopters and latest submarines. Arguably the most powerful economy in Europe does not spend ‘’that much’’ as one would presume. then its easier to wave the flag and shout in a match. Japan fulfills its military equipment requirements mainly from domestic manufacturers including Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Daikin industries, Henderson group, NEC and others. The most populated country in the world counts 2.285 million people active in the military and another 2.3 million in reserve. True Patriotism is deep within one's psyche. Another country that is expected to extend its military budget in the next few years by more than 40%, Russia is the current leader when it comes to the number of nuclear warheads in the possession, which is almost 8,500. It is also the one and only Muslim nuclear power. Determining how powerful an army is done by calculating the power index of a country. In 2011, people were no longer obliged to … USA often conducts combine military training with South Korea. However, the UK army is very technologically advanced, and their main power comes from the 160 nuclear heads they have. Ever since the peace treaty after World War II, Japan was prohibited from having an army that will take offensive actions. Despite all these military strengths, Japan have one of the World’s best army. Invasion On Afghanistan And Iraq: Post 9/11 attacks on world trade center, USA announced Afghan war to dismantle terrorist group “Al-Qaida”. We did after 9/11 for a while. I just used that as an example of someone demonstrating what I call true patriotism, the very fact that you were willing to volunteer your service to your country is every bit as good. With 2,335,000 active frontline personnel, China is one of the biggest army in the world. I'm sorry to hear that your deafness has fouled up you prospects of joining the forces Fox, but patriotism is not exclusive to those who join the services. Required fields are marked *. I feel like a patriotism, look forward to defend my country but I can't, unfortunately. It pleases me greatly to see that there are others out there who also believe in what I would call "true" patriotism. Reasons for that are the general population is less prone to military activities after the events of World War II, where Germany has seen a steady decline in people that join the military. They are also leading when it comes to the number of tanks they have, reaching as high as 15,500 heavily armed vehicles. And Army is such a Service which is Voluntary in Nature (except in some countries where it is compulsory). With best soldiers in the world, the armed forces of Pakistan are also engaged in disaster relief operations in the country. What makes USA army  the most powerful army in the world? Here are some reason: Pakistan is the biggest Muslim military power in the world and world’s most dedicated army. According to a report in the following decade Pakistan will become the 3rd country with largest nuclear arsenal. The French military weapons include side-arms, sub-machine guns, rifles, armored vehicles and others. The US has a big army of 1.4 million soldiers, with another 800,000 in reserve. There are also numerous operations where US army took part and completed them successfully. There are many reasons. The Royal Navy is also very small compared with other armies on this list, having only 66 ships in their fleet. In this article. The number of their regular forces is around 205,000, and the Royal Air Force counts 908 aircrafts available. Surrounded by various struggles in the Middle East, the Kurds, the Islamic State, and the battles in Syria, it does not come as a surprise that Turkey has an $18.8 billion budget to finance the military industry. Being close neighbors with Germany, the French government also froze many investments for military purposes. Germany is facing threats from ISIL and Russia also. Other military strength comprises of 2,924 tanks, 134 multiple launch rocket systems and 52 attack helicopters. Army is one of the most important and integral institutions of a country. That is why; it is planning to military expansion after reunification. By Jardine Kinah on May 23 2018 in World Facts. France also owns one of the most powerful aircraft carriers “Charles De Gaule”. They also own the biggest fleet that can carry those aircraft, counting 19 large ships. These numbers are most likely to go up significantly in the years that are ahead of us because China will probably see an increase in its military budget by another 12.2%. 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