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“Every account that could have been impacted by this vulnerability could also have been a spreading point to all other company accounts. Copyright 2000 - 2020, TechTarget The .gif would not have had to be shared, merely seen, making the exploit particularly dangerous. Launch a zero-trust strategy in six steps. Please provide a Corporate E-mail Address. This then becomes another example where opening unexpected content could have serious repercussions and why, in this time of remote work, everyone should review their IT security training. Golden SAML: How can it abuse SAML authentication ... What is subdomain takeover and why does it matter? Microsoft has fixed a vulnerability in its Teams app that left users at risk of having their accounts taken over. Operational goals can help IT teams decide if ITAM or CMDB ... IBM is partnering with a group of historically Black colleges and universities to set up a quantum computing center in hopes of ... SELinux provides a more secure way to run Linux servers. Reach out to get featured—contact us to send your exclusive story idea, research, hacks, or ask us a question or leave a comment/feedback! We'll send you an email containing your password. The vulnerability can also be sent to groups (Teams), which makes it even easier for an attacker to get control over users faster and with fewer steps. Learn more about the infamous 8: Infrastructure as Code vulnerabilities and how to find and fix them. This email address doesn’t appear to be valid. Please check the box if you want to proceed. Sign up for cybersecurity newsletter and get latest news updates delivered straight to your inbox daily. "We found that by leveraging a subdomain takeover vulnerability in Microsoft Teams… Even if you have a trusted relationship with that individual, you need to be as confident in their security controls as you are in your own – otherwise, this kind of attack could be leveraged through a subdomain of a trusted partner. By submitting my Email address I confirm that I have read and accepted the Terms of Use and Declaration of Consent. Microsoft’s Teams collaboration platform contains a vulnerability that can be exploited with a malicious GIF enabling an attacker to take over a company’s Teams accounts. The update addresses the vulnerability by changing how ASP.NET and .NET Framework handle requests. © The Hacker News, 2019. CyberArk found two of these at Microsoft, both of them now locked down. 10 courses + 1,236 lessons on latest techniques, forensics, malware analysis, network security and programming. This month, the company has patched 120 vulnerabilities across 13 different products, from Edge to … By sending the target user a malicious .gif file, CyberArk found that attackers could get hold of this authentication token and take over the victim’s account by sending the token to the compromised subdomain. Microsoft Teams relies heavily on Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Skype for Business Online for core productivity scenarios, like meetings, calendars, interop chats, and file sharing. “Even if an attacker doesn’t gather much information from a Teams account, they could use the account to traverse throughout an organisation. Google Warns of Zero-Click Bluetooth Flaws in Linux-based Devices, FIN11 Hackers Spotted Using New Techniques In Ransomware Attacks, Microsoft Releases Patches For Critical Windows TCP/IP and Other Bugs, Guide: Scale or Fail — Why MSSPs Need Multitenant Security Solutions, Secure Code Bootcamp - Learn Secure Coding on the Go. Now, that issue has been fixed through a coordinated effort between Microsoft and … No problem! A Subdomain Takeover Vulnerability The flaw stems from the way Microsoft Teams … Learn About 5 New Security and Privacy Features of Android 11. Enterprises should consider distance to ... Wi-Fi means more than faster speeds. Read... Mastercard data exec highlights the foundational role of enterprise data governance during the pandemic era with more people ... More powerful server hardware is coming to the Exadata database service, bringing increased scalability and throughput for ... All Rights Reserved, The solution can be highly useful to … To learn more about the vulnerabilities, go to the following Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE). The fortune … IT spending by companies in the early days of COVID-19 quickly turned to cost-cutting. Microsoft Teams Vulnerability Let Hackers “Take Over Entire Roster of Teams Accounts” Increase / Decrease text size - Conor Reynolds 27th April 2020 The development comes as video conferencing software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are witnessing an unprecedented surge in demand as businesses, students, and even government employees across the world are forced to work and socialize from home during the coronavirus pandemic. There is no shortage of software options for change management tools. All Rights Reserved. Do Not Sell My Personal Info. The weakness, which involved exploiting some seemingly innocuous and entertaining GIFs, was discovered by researchers at CyberArk. “Ensuring that you keep libraries up to date, patch software regularly, have strong authentication processes for all users and maintain secure domains are good starting points in your organisation’s cyber defence. Key commands for status, file management and troubleshooting can help ... Enterprises benefit in many ways from AI data privacy tools that reduce the need for manual efforts from data professionals. “With tools like Teams, it is so important to ensure that only approved and regulated users can access the platform and post in collaboration activities – it all boils down to having robust user access controls and strong authentication processes in place,” Williams told Computer Weekly in emailed comments. Learn how to form a dedicated team, ask questions about existing security controls and... Zero-trust security has three main on-ramps -- each with its own technology path. Geraint Williams, CISO at GRCI, a provider of risk management and compliance services, said the vulnerability was especially concerning given that so many organisations have rolled out videoconferencing services such as Teams at speed during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. With course certification, Q/A webinars and lifetime access. Please login. How An Image Could've Let Attackers Hack Microsoft Teams Accounts. The bug, which was unearthed by CyberArk, is a two-fold attack that hinges on the successful takeover of a vulnerable subdomain, coupled with an exploitation of specific behaviours in the Microsoft Teams authentication system, pertaining to how authentication tokens for images within Teams are created. Prepare for advances in wireless technology using this 5G guide that ... Don't assume all SASE architecture is the same, especially when it comes to scalability. “This extends to any other individuals you are collaborating with on Teams who are from outside of your organisation. New Attack Lets Hackers Decrypt VoLTE Encryption to Spy on Phone Calls. Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform that includes chat, video conferencing, file storage, and application integration capabilities. Tsarfati’s full disclosure blog, including extensive technical information and proofs of concept, can be read at CyberArk’s website. Privacy Policy However, it is also crucial that you regularly attack these defences yourself, so you can assess them for weak points.”. Conditional access policies that are set for these cloud apps apply to Microsoft Teams when a user directly signs in to Microsoft Teams … “The fact that the victim needs only to see the crafted message to be impacted is a nightmare from a security perspective,” he said in a disclosure blog. “For developers, this vulnerability disclosure is far more interesting. If successfully exploited, the vulnerability could easily have spread across corporate networks to affect every user of the target’s Teams desktop or browser application, stealing sensitive business data and harvesting user accounts, according to CyberArk researcher Omer Tsarfati. The vulnerability could also be used to send false information to employees by impersonating trusted leadership, leading to more severe consequences. Eventually, the attacker could access all the data from your organisation Teams accounts – gathering confidential information, competitive data, secrets, passwords, private information, business plans.”.

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