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Collaborating with people outside your organization, External sharing for organization and site. Office 365 Groups were created after Microsoft SharePoint and before Microsoft Teams. Review team and group membership on a regular basis. You can manage membership of a group or team dynamically based on some criteria, such as department. Er zijn veel opties voor de omstandigheden waarin u wordt gevraagd om een tweede verificatie factor. Not only are they easy to create, they're easy to use and they're easy to administer. If SharePoint, groups, and Teams settings don't match, guests in the team may be blocked from accessing the site, or unexpected external access may occur. Hoewel openbare teams en groepen kunnen worden gevonden door iedereen binnen de organisatie, kunt u bepalen of persoonlijke teams en groepen kunnen worden gevonden: While public teams and groups are discoverable by anyone in the organization, you can control whether private teams and groups are discoverable: U kunt het lidmaatschap van een groep of team dynamisch beheren op basis van bepaalde criteria, zoals afdeling. Alternatively, current Microsoft Teams users can enhance an existing Microsoft 365 Group with Teams functionality. SharePoint and OneDrive: Controls the guest experience in SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft 365 Groups, and Teams. Uitnodigingen voor B2B-gebruikers in bepaalde organisaties toestaan of blokkeren, Allow or block invitations to B2B users from specific organizations. Customize your site to streamline your team’s work. If I have a Group that's going to focus on creating documents together, that would push me a little more toward SharePoint. Het detecteren van persoonlijke teams in Microsoft teams beheren, Manage discovery of private teams in Microsoft Teams, Dynamisch groepslidmaatschap op basis van regels, Een dynamische groep maken of bijwerken in azure Active Directory, Create or update a dynamic group in Azure Active Directory. - [Instructor] One way to think of Microsoft Teams is the central hub for your team's work life. Een vervaldatum instellen voor koppelingen voor iedereen. Creating folders directly in the document library does not create channels in the team. The following table provides a quick reference for the access controls available in Microsoft 365. Deze beperkingen worden geconfigureerd door de eigenaar van het team, de groep of site: These restrictions are configured by the team, group, or site owner: Met Microsoft 365 kunt u meervoudige verificatie vereisen voor personen binnen en buiten uw organisatie. If the person creating the team is an owner of an existing Office 365 Public or Private Group, they can add Teams functionality to the group if it has less than 5000 people and has never been added to Teams. Groups in Microsoft 365 for IT Architects, End of lifecycle options for groups, teams, and Yammer, Archive or delete a team in Microsoft Teams. When changing guest sharing settings, check the settings for Teams, Groups, and the SharePoint site associated with the team. SharePoint-sites bieden de mogelijkheid om eigenaren, leden en bezoekers van een groep of team lidmaatschap toe te voegen. Limit external sharing to specific people. Groups can only be created by members of a specific security group. Control guest access to a group, team, or site based on information sensitivity. Some settings for Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint in Microsoft 365, particularly related to sharing and group/team and SharePoint site creation, overlap with each other. Ensures sensitive content is compliant and secure. Determines if sites, files, and folders can be shared with people outside the organization. As a best practice for managing team members, add and remove them from the Teams client to ensure that permissions updates for other group-connected workloads occur quickly. Afhankelijk van uw specifieke behoeften van uw bedrijf, is het raadzaam deze mogelijkheid toe te staan of te blokkeren. And I would choose to create a Group in, Outlook for example, if this was a Group where we spent a lot of time working with email, with calendar. The group's related services, such as a SharePoint site, Power BI workspace, etc. SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365 groups are all used for teamwork and collaboration. This setting does not affect the team directly, but it can allow users to be added to a site and not have access to the team itself or other Teams resources. Dit kan vooral handig zijn voor teams en groepen met een wijzigings lidmaatschap, de personen die gevoelige informatie bevatten, of degenen die gasten bevatten.This may be particularly useful for teams and groups with a changing membership, those that contain sensitive information, or those that include guests.

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