microsoft classroom vs google classroom

Get the latest TechNotes posts filled with the latest edtech resources and strategies delivered straight to your inbox. To be productive, learning must be engaging – even fun. These two third-generation LMS players are quite evenly matched, offering school districts who are looking for an alternative to Google Classroom that relies on robust, familiar MS Office tools a rich alternative. When not in the office, Eli is busy scanning the web for the latest podcasts or stepping into the boxing ring for a few rounds. CDS is offering FREE CONSULTATIONS to businesses looking to implement a telecommute/work from home solution.Contact us for info or read more in our blog. Picking the one that’s best for any academic environment depends on needs and priorities. Microsoft Teams also includes SSync, a file system synchronization utility, which automatically creates student profiles within Microsoft Teams based on school roster data. One-click worksheets—From a worksheet template, create an individual document for each student with one click. And, this chart doesn’t even mention online surveys and/or forms, both of which are available through Google Forms and Microsoft Forms (read this post by TCEA Board Member, John Bimmerle, on Microsoft Forms). Let’s take a peek, adapting this support document to facilitate a feature comparison. Creation of classes, online lectures, and webinars quickly and easily for up to 250 participants. Through Teams and Class Notebook, I can push materials right out to them, or I can drop class notes right into their notebook,” said Amy Welsh, chair of the mathematics department at Davidson Academy in Tennessee. Teacher productivity tools such as managing multiple classes and allowing student self-enrollment in classes. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. “Using Teams is just an easy way to get more ideas on how to reach the kids in the classroom.”. Teach together—Co-teach a course with other instructors. It’s very easy to start a classroom — helpful instructions guide you through the entire process,” according to a United Federation of Teachers blog. In Microsoft Teams, for example, students and teachers have access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Transfer grades—Export final grades to spreadsheet format or to a CSV file for upload elsewhere. Microsoft Teams integrates easily with Office 365 applications. Microsoft Teams is a solid blended learning platform option for institutions which are already invested in a Microsoft workplace. Classroom is also compatible with numerous applications that teachers can add to their profiles to improve lesson plans. From podcasters to bloggers and speakers, these influential figures are helping school leaders, IT decision-makers and educators navigate today’s uncertain educational landscape. However, none are more widely adopted than Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. Want to Enter a School Building? Set virtual office hours, and arrange group meetings with students and other faculty. Both Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom offer a core package of tools that cover classroom essentials. Google designed the Classroom suite to be simple to use, so teachers with less experience in technology can quickly incorporate it into their teaching. Customize your class theme—Change the default color or theme image for your class. Online classrooms should have easy-to-use interfaces for both teachers and students, especially when introduced for students in the K-12 classrooms. Personal data protection—Classroom is covered. Virtual classrooms provide educators with several features including providing secure classrooms for students, managing presentations and webinars, facilitating remote learning, and much more. Join the free, open to members and nom-members TCEA Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Facebook group! While learning management systems (LMS) of yesteryear (e.g.

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