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(You can have up to 5 awakened abilities on a weapon.) I will write any important changes/updates for this guide here. Even at Guard 5, charged shield and guard points still increase your block strength and there are monster attacks which are large knockback at Guard 5 but medium knockback at Guard 5 + guard point. – Axe: Savage Axe Slash Once enough potential has built up, awakened abilities will manifest at random. The walking sheath animation can be interrupted by walking off a small ledge (doesn’t work with tall ledges). Large knockback: consumes 10 sharpness (5 if GP), Blocking with a guard point instead of holding block, Furious Rajang (laser, also needs Guard Up), Guard skill: +10/10/20/20/30 for level 1/2/3/4/5, Increase phial charge gain for all sword attacks by 5/10/20%, Decrease button hold time necessary to use Double Slash and Condensed Element Slash (sword charge) by 5/10/20%, Capacity Boost: increases phial cap from 5 to 6, Artillery: increases damage of Impact Phials, Water/Fire/Thunder/Dragon/Ice Attack: increases damage of Power Element Phials, Offensive Guard: gives you a temporary large attack boost when you perform a perfect block (start blocking immediately before monster’s attack hits you), Guard Up: allows you to block certain unblockable attacks, Slugger: increases KO status buildup of Impact Phials when striking a monster’s head, Weakness Exploit, Critical Eye, Agitator: increase affinity (critical chance), Critical Boost: increase physical damage of criticals, Fortify: increase Attack and defense significantly each time you faint, Felyne Bombardier (4 artillery food): increase damage of impact phials by 15%, Felyne Slugger (6 courage food): increase KO status buildup of impact phials, Felyne Polisher (2 courage food): speeds up sharpening time, Felyne Moxie (6 resilience food): prevents fainting once when your HP is above a certain level, Felyne Safeguard (6 preparation food): prevents quest faint counter from increasing once, attacks that bounce off the target have no hitlag (this is normally reserved for extremely tough monster parts), attack bouncing can be prevented using Mind’s Eye skill, Charge Blade can force Sword attacks to bounce by building too much phial energy without reloading, Charge Blade can give itself Mind’s Eye by charging the sword, Get into the game and hunt monsters with CB until you have memorized the controls, Condition yourself to use guard points instead of blocking, then hunt more monsters until you are comfortable guard pointing at all times, Optimize your armor and decorations! (Ends in sliding) – Side hop Critical element on the other hand does not affect it. Usually, you want to link attacks in a combo as quickly as possible, but it can sometimes be useful to delay combo inputs. The training pole has a hzv of 30 for any element, so any increase in elemental damage will mean more damage dealt to it. General data sheet (includes numerical thresholds of knockback strength for small/medium/large strength) – Side hop, Sword: Morph Slash To start, I will recap phial explosion damage: The remaining properties of phial explosions depend on the phial type of the equipped weapon. I killed 3 Safis, got like 10 Large Dracolite, 3 Rigid from my last one, and all those rolls didn't give me Elemental Capacity up 3. Focus 1 and 2 are not used because (by coincidence) the Sword mode combos for getting yellow/red phials don’t change unless you have Focus 3. It’s easy to explain how the 3 block strength factors add up by pretending that charged shield and guard points are equal to 2 levels of Guard, and that Guard can be “overcapped” by shield charge and guard point. I'm still looking for workaround for Mobile user, since there is no hover option. My Mouse Movement Feels Weird, How Do I Fix It? ↓+△ during Axe: Super Amped Element Discharge, Elemental Roundslash (Shield charge) – Sword: Morph Slash Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. – Sword: Charge Phials, Sword: Condensed Element Slash (Sword charge) The forward and back sliding slashes are always a fixed distance in a straight line, but the left and right sliding slashes can be influenced by holding left/right during the slide, allowing you to turn almost 180 degrees (if you hold right on a left sliding slash or vice versa). Also called “overcharge” or “overheat” sword playstyle. Attacking in Sword mode will gradually build up phial energy in your Sword. Charge Blade builds, This is an absolutely incredible guide, thank you so much for the effort spent compiling and maintaining this site! Instead of using Flinch Shot right away, you can also press O to turn the monster 90 degrees so they are facing a wall, then Flinch Shot. Y after Sword: Shield Thrust, Sword: Forward Slash There doesn't seem to be a max cap for certain skills. 2, Special Tips and Tricks, Misc - Charge Blade for Ancient Leshen, Special Tips and Tricks. △ after: △ or O after Axe attack is deflected, Axe: Smash Super Amped Element Discharge will be abbreviated to SAED from now on. 1.13 Aerial attacks From this section onward, Amped Element Discharge will be abbreviated as AED. B when grappled to monster’s head using Clutch Claw, Flinch Shot During block recoil, your character is still considered to be blocking, so you don’t have to do anything special to block multi-hit attacks. Tenderized parts temporarily take additional physical damage from all hunters. - This is not clear, and I'm afraid I don't know if I'll ever get the ability I need by keeping on using dragonites on this weapons to increase my chances on higher level skills. 2.5 Canteen skills, 3.0 Advanced Topics

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