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x��� |TE�8\Uw���޷$ݝN:K�!� �D ���H؉ ��W6�P���B�LXƸ/��렣#3��:f�s%�ߩ��Y������;uOU�:��:[Ua���#5L�Z\:���1�!w�k�>�`C�?��������W��!�!�ya�k�w"�ۂ?r�5�/��D=������s�/*���7��.��Z� �o!���������G�A�fɼ9{��=���~ӵsV����=����\���LJg"� 0000002962 00000 n 0000064758 00000 n The Crystal Lake Republican seeking to unseat McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks this November said he aims to rid the county of "cutthroat politics" by approaching disagreements in a respectful way. d��m�/ �d�������b;��� �'?գ�G �u�s��4p��X��m'����F�IOc��B�Z�&հN��{�FjS����mjo������-� J2w���"Y��� dJ�a$�Y(�b2h�����(�J�O`FjǞංt_��i�c�}�oBx 0000038930 00000 n Franks said he has only exercised his right to keep items off of the County Board's agenda twice in the four years that he has served as chairman. We offer election-related services to candidates, political parties, press, local units of government and the general public. 0000064293 00000 n The office of Coroner is just one of the contested races but it’s a significant race. Can’t be a surprise all three candidates for McHenry County Coroner believe the Coroner post should remain an elected position. Plan your weekend and catch up on the news with our newsletters. 0000038900 00000 n A call comes in and you may have one call after another…and it goes on and on,” Justen said. ... Jeannie Ridings Counting on Coattails of Democratic Party Congressional Candidates — 1 Comment Frankly Speaking on 10/20/2020 at 8:31 am said: 0 "I'm not there to make friends; I'm there to make really good public policy and to help our taxpayers," Franks said. 78 0 obj <>stream startxref Spread the Word! H��V]O#;}�_aݗ;s� �d>;@Q?�B@B+J;@�tv�Ŀ��$-,\ �R�8��;M�(H�$ݓHӊ^H&4�W���I�eJU�D�h�h��A��B+���lg�P\))��f�v~�v��i|D�(� \~JB�$K)2�ʊ�]7�M�o�=c���UU�6��\���)>�6I�TdfAId^��i鹍�"�ͧ뇆+��j��K�R�5��� �CeX�ݼ�{��>�ivgU����(����2�������C�c���IP�@���]�4@�%��E�/%2E�IN)p�sQ�V��d�_����Ԋ��f)V"�ə�ob���ě&������[gZ(��7c-�X��a-(�C�D�*�$Q���I�����z�5�b� • 847-906-1559 • Click here to join our email list.. “The coroner’s office works 24/7. He said Wednesday he plans to continue looking for ways in which various departments of county government can run more efficiently. I always reach out and I try to get consensus,” Franks said Wednesday. To file with the McHenry County Clerk's office, relevant forms are available using the URLs included within the 2020 Candidate's Guide: The challenger, Mike Buehler, participated in an endorsement interview Thursday afternoon facilitated by the editorial boards of the Northwest Herald and the Daily Herald. Renee is a devoted to McHenry County and the citizens of all of the communities that make up the most beautiful place in the State of Illinois to live. 46 0 obj <>stream By TR Kerth, September 24, 2020 • FeaturesNot your parents’ pumpkin patch By Judy O’Kelley, Staying healthy in the winter months, part 2, The middle neighbor: alone but never lonely, Parkside Pub describes the highs and lows of Covid-era restaurant life, Board approves camera installation and spillway construction, Pebbles painted with positivity popping up around Sun City streets, The international race for a successful vaccine, part 3b: Striving for a high percentage of Americans to receive a vaccination, Breathe easy with indoor plants (and other health benefits), The DMV, a place of endless lines and inspiration. The United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois has jurisdiction in McHenry County. Renee has strong beliefs in ethics, morals, and transparency. If you don’t do your job, then sure, you are out of a job, therefore, I’d rather be elected and do a darn decent job.”. 0000063440 00000 n hޤR�j�@��ylܽ� Renee and her husband, Jeff, have volunteered their time to many different organizations for the youths in the community. By Will Moore, October 8, 2020 • Ask an AngelAsk an Angel: October 8, 2020 By Arlene Petersen, October 8, 2020 • Dining DuoNew burgers on the block By Jim & Nancy Eggers, October 8, 2020 • Gardeners ForumBreathe easy with indoor plants (and other health benefits) By Kathleen Carr, October 8, 2020 • News & FeaturesPolitical Place: October 8, 2020 By The Sun Day, September 24, 2020 • Arts & EntertainmentLife with Intention By Christine Such, September 24, 2020 • EditorialsThe DMV, a place of endless lines and inspiration By Chris La Pelusa, September 24, 2020 • News & FeaturesLet’s Get a REAL ID By Stew Cohen, September 24, 2020 • Health & WellnessThe international race for a successful vaccine, part 3: Are aggressive vaccine timelines unrealistic? Harvard has always been Renee’s hometown, always knowing she would raise her family here. 0000001430 00000 n Updated 9/9/2020 3:51 PM. H���A��0E�9E.0���qr�9 �a5#��8��r)�����S�{J�ѯ�q�������Ў �l��O��� ����:e� ud~�i��9����t@����5g|s�2��� Justen said he will step aside, “leaving the funeral home to my wife.” He responded to coroner candidate Angela Byrnes who said during the forum that Justen would be spending time at the funeral home and less on his duties as coroner. Angela Byrnes of Crystal Lake is a registered nurse with medical forensic training and managerial experience with a nonprofit hospice organization. McHenry County is within the Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit. “I'm always collaborative. The people of McHenry County are served by a Circuit Court. The County Clerk is the chief election authority administering elections throughout McHenry County. In McHenry's eight elections, his victory margin has been as narrow as 57% to 43% in 2008 and 2012, and as wide as 71% to 29% in 2010. endstream endobj 43 0 obj <>>> endobj 44 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 45 0 obj <>stream Information contained within this section is for informational purposes only. Access and all Shaw Local content from all your digital devices and receive breaking news and updates from around the area. In his statement, Franks said his record speaks for itself after having reduced county government's property tax levy by over $28 million and rebating $8 million in surplus funds from Valley Hi Nursing Home back to taxpayers. 22 0 obj <> endobj Check your voter registration and get information on Vote By Mail HERE. Local news, prep sports, Chicago sports, local and regional entertainment, business, home and lifestyle, food, classified and more! Renee married her husband, Jeffrey Overlee, in August 1996 raising two sons, Caleb and Benjamin. Renee has fought hard for every accomplishment and she will fight harder to improve the Circuit Clerk’s Office; focusing on improving the relationship between leadership and its greatest asset, it’s employees; along with the Judiciary, Court Administration, and Court Services. Illinois voters will cast ballots for president, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives and the Illinois Legislature, as well as Cook County positions. Concluding her comments, “The Coroner’s Office needs to remain an elected position so that the coroner’s office remains accountable to the people and not to politicians that claim they want to politicize the office by having other politicians appoint the coroner. Dr. Michael Rein of Woodstock is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a former member of the McHenry County Board. Justen, a funeral director for 44 years, said he had worked for a number of McHenry County Coroners over the years and gained a lot of on-the-job experience. 0000062686 00000 n xref “You need an independent thinker without being influenced by the State’s Attorney, Sheriff, County Board, County Administrator, or County Board Chairman. 0000062982 00000 n Download the Voter Registration Change of Address form here: Voter Registration Change of Address Form. As voters and taxpayers of McHenry County, it is an exciting time that everyone will have a choice on the ballot in November of 2020. endstream endobj startxref In his four years on the McHenry County Board, Rein said he’s worked with various boards including the Mental Health Board, Valley Hi, and the Drug Coordinator. 0000002924 00000 n Published in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA, by Shaw Media. Byrnes believes it’s important to understand the costs for a medical examiner are much higher than a coroner and that it would be difficult if not impossible to attract a medical examiner. <<46D143A214E7E0429D77F4E233D8E1CA>]/Prev 152767>> Renee has always put her best foot forward and gives 100% in every aspect of her life, graduating with honors in all of her degrees while always working full time and being there to support her family. 0000001855 00000 n When asked about property taxes, Buehler said the County Board has done a good job lowering property taxes, but said he would like to lower the county's expenditures and make county government smaller to reduce shortfalls caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s served as a Republican Precinct Committeeman and board member of the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce. ... 2020. H��SI� ��~�^� rB��� If Buehler was elected as McHenry County Board chair, he said he would allow committees to set the County Board's agenda and would encourage board members to "perform to their highest levels by giving them a level of autonomy and utilizing their individual areas of expertise to the greatest benefit.".

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