maroon snowmass trail to willow lake

Maroon-Snowmass Trail to Willow Lake is a 11.6 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Aspen, Colorado that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You can contact ProTrails directly through our Facebook or Instagram accounts. While the lake is exceptional, the hike itself is equally compelling. Turn off your ad blocker to see a map of this trail, Little Annie and Richmond Hill OHV Road Loop, Conundrum Creek Trail to Conundrum Hot Springs, Village Bound, Sleigh Ride, and Nature Trail Loop, Crater Lake and Maroon Creek to East Fork, Ditch Trail, Government Trail, and Campground Connector. we stopped beneath Buckskin pass and found a dispersed camping spot nearby with a 10/10 view. Willow Lake and large outlying ponds can also be seen from the pass. Maroon-Snowmass Trail to Willow Lake - Colorado | AllTrails If you like trail running, most of the trail is great for it. There's a $6 fee to take the shuttle from Aspen Highlands Village ($3 on select weekdays). The trail continues through the meadow to a sign for the Maroon-Snowmass/Willow Lake junction. The descent is initially steep, but gradually moderates through high alpine meadows rife with flowers. Group size is limited to 10 individuals (or 15 with people +. Be mentally prepared that you will lose a good bit of elevation (~600ft) going down to Willow lake from the highest point of the pass, and you will have to gain this back on the return trip. Trail Map | Photo Gallery. Slippery in some spots but the pass was clear. Trail Photos Next time we will bring microspikes and snowshoes and extra battery for GPS. Willow Lake Trail #1978 is a difficult trail that you can hike, run, and horseback ride that is dog friendly. The view from that saddle is spectacular. The last bit of the pass is a sketchy, exposed gravely trail. Still plenty of snow but wasn't too much of a problem. Will not show on comments list. Great hike and great views. but breathtaking view once you get there. A lot of snow still on the path from 10250 and up, making the crossing of a creek (on the snow with the water running underneath) a little interesting. Some trails or park services may be closed this weekend so check with local authorities before heading out. The views are stunning. From there it's a 1.5 mile or so hike down to Willow Lake. We hiked up and tried to trail run down, but the large rocks during most of the trail made trail running less than ideal. Make sure you go to to reserve a parking permit in advance as parking is very limited and permits are required to park at the trailhead. Fantastic. Beautiful hike , perfect weather. Cars with infants (children under 2) and handicap plates are exempt from road restrictions, year round. It follows the Maroon Snowmass Trail with iconic backdrops to the meadows under Buckskin Pass, where the Willow Lake Trail splits for Willow Pass and an airy descent to the lake. ", N39 05.911 W106 56.452 — 0.0 miles : Maroon Lake - Maroon Snowmass Trailhead, N39 05.886 W106 56.761 — .3 miles : Split for Maroon Lake Scenic Loop, N39 05.576 W106 57.373 — 1.0 miles : Trail rises up north side of West Maroon Creek, N39 05.327 W106 57.962 — 1.7 miles : Crater Lake - Maroon Snowmass Trail split, N39 05.261 W106 58.423 — 2.3 miles : Steep, winding climb up Minnehaha Gulch, N39 05.614 W106 58.697 — 2.95 miles : Cross left over rocky stream channel, N39 05.690 W106 58.894 — 3.2 miles : Steep climb over treeline into meadows, N39 06.016 W106 59.098 — 3.8 miles : Buckskin Pass - Willow Pass split, N39 06.216 W106 59.092 — 4.2 miles : Steep push moderates in bowl under pass, N39 06.482 W106 59.175 — 4.55 miles : Begin very steep push to pass, N39 06.532 W106 59.119 — 4.7 miles : Willow Pass (12,572'), N39 06.647 W106 58.691 — 5.2 miles : Descent moderates in alpine meadows, N39 06.791 W106 58.471 — 5.5 miles : East Snowmass Trail split, N39 06.650 W106 57.798 — 6.2 miles : Willow Lake (11,795'). Campfires are permitted in the Maroon Bells - Snowmass Wilderness, with potential seasonal restrictions. Directions from Aspen: Drive 1/2 mile west of Aspen on Highway 82 and turn left onto Maroon Creek Road at the roundabout. Absolutely loved how the scene changes from green colors to red. i will admit, the beginning was rough with a steep elevation gain and no shade on a very hot day. Take the right fork to continue on the Maroon-Snowmass Trail. Follow Maroon Creek Road to all designated parking lots. The lake looks like a great spot to camp, though. Poles definitely came in handy then and for the return trip, as the snow was fairly constant from 11000 up. This parking area is located approximately 2 miles up Maroon Creek Road and is well-marked. The trail resumes a steep, sinuous path to the Willow Lake Trail split (3.8 miles : 11,745’), which breaks north on similar terrain with stunning views down valley. There's a $10 fee to access the Maroon Lake - Maroon Snowmass Trailhead by car. Did this over 4th of July weekend. Use the self-pay station just past the Welcome Station if no attendant is on duty. This is perhaps the best day hike in the Aspen area. The trail crosses a rocky stream channel (2.95 miles : 11,030’) to a meadow, then funnels up a shallow gulch that opens in a gorgeous alpine setting (3.45 miles : 11,480). It was a beautiful day despite the light haziness from the Cali fires. Didn’t see many people once high up. Great overnight with perfect weather. The Maroon Lake - Maroon Snowmass Trailhead is located 9.2 miles west of Highway 82 on Maroon Creek Road. Picturesque views. Campfires are not permitted above or within .25 miles (440 yards) of treeline, or within 100' of any lake or stream. It levels briefly on the rim of a large bowl in the upper valley (4.2 miles : 12,075’), crosses a stream and arcs up the bowl’s right side to the base of the pass (4.55 miles : 12,315’). totally worth it! we left our site to hike on the next 1.5 miles to Willow Lake the next morning - which I'm glad we did because as you approach Willow Pass, the rocks are loose and steep. very windy at the top. Beautiful trail and amazing views. Maroon Lake was very low but still pretty. Passed a few hikers going down to Crater Lake but afterwards we mainly ran into overnight hikers who were attempting the 4 passes. Colorado Tourism Office, 1625 Broadway, Suite 1700 , Denver, CO, 80202, Phone: 800-COLORADO. Challenging but extremely rewarding. Location-specific restrictions may also apply. I could not recommend it more highly. It'd be decent with snowshoes, postholed without. Trail finding issues with the large amount of snow. Willow pass from maroon lake is a bit tricky, but well worth it! Crater Lake is a quick and worthwhile excursion from this point. It laces through krummholz-topped knolls to the north side of Willow Lake (6.2 miles : 11,795’), an expansive area that begs exploration. Trail Map The trails to Crater Lake and Buckskin Pass were a bit busy. Contact the Roaring Fork Transit Agency at 925-8484 for more information. Only used to identify you to ProTrails. The first couple of miles boast incredible views of the Maroon Bells, followed by some wooded forests, and then the climb to Willow Pass. Bugs were present but minimal, no wildlife near camp (marmots stayed higher on the Sievers South saddle). The trail continues on a rolling, narrow-cut path that may lose clarity on the final approach, though the lake’s location is never in question. Visitors will enjoy open landscapes, light crowds and a chance to explore Willow Creek, one of the longest and least visited drainages in the Maroon Bells - Snowmass Wilderness: The trail begins on the north side of Maroon Lake to the Scenic Loop split (.3 miles). Comments. Après une montée assez raide à travers la forêt, le sentier débouche sur une immense prairie de fleurs sauvages très colorées au milieux desquelles se terrent de nombreuses marmottes. Did this on 6/23! On Jun 30 there was no need for micro-spikes or other snow gear; there were only a couple of very small stretches where the trail was snow covered, and only one that was in a slightly awkward spot. definitely bring sunscreen. All Trails had us at 13 miles with crater lake. This is a 6.5 mile rocky dirt trail in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness that travels over Willow Pass near Aspen, CO. Call 970.925.3445 with specific questions about seasonal road access and shuttle schedules: Maroon Bells - Snowmass Wilderness | Aspen Ranger District 806 West Hallam Aspen, CO 81611 970.925.3445, Maroon Bells - Snowmass Wilderness | Sopris Ranger District 620 Main Street Carbondale, CO 81623 970.963.2266, White River National Forest 900 Grand Ave. P.O. The hike ascends without much of a break until you get to Willow Pass. Incredible views looking back on the Bells and the 360 degree view at the pass make this hike well worth it. See. Couldn’t complete. Print Trail Most amazing and beautiful hike really makes you feel like you’re “in” the mountains! Start early, Awesome hike, be prepared for the open fields, coming back from the lake is harder than it seems. We were the only campers at the lake the night of the 28th with great camping near the eastern shore. Several very small snow crossings mostly on the buckskin side of the pass. Bushwhacked through avalanche zone after crater lake and was able to find trail again. The $10 access fee still applies. Good facilities at the parking lot (toilets, water, etc.). It drops gently to the East Snowmass Trail split (5.5 miles : 12,005’), a faint point marked by a low-lying sign that can be obscured by snow or brush. Trail, White River National Forest - Maroon Bells. La montée du col Willow est éprouvante mais offre une vue grandiose sur les montagnes environnantes et sur le lac Willow. Buckskin Pass is in sight, but Willow Pass is hidden by a ridge. Still plenty of snow crossings on both sides of the pass (8 on the Minnehaha Gulch side, 7 on the Lake side) but nothing that requires traction, even in the afternoon (poles are helpful). It’s also one of the few over-and-back pass hikes that can be completed in a day, though time management is important with an exposed climb on the return. Willow Lake - 12.4 Miles Round-Trip Willow Lake is located 6.2 miles from Maroon Lake in the Maroon Bells - Snowmass Wilderness. Flowers were great too! This segment is not connected to most other backpacking routes in the area, and sees lighter traffic. Also some moose while driving to the parking lot. So much fun despite not making it all the way. Also, we saw the most beautiful white mountain goats. The hike down the ridge was a bit loose but we took it slow and used the hillside to stabilize and orient ourselves. Here it climbs 257’ in just .15 miles to Willow Pass, a small notch in the craggy walls between drainages (4.7 miles : 12,572’). Keep right and continue 9 1/2 miles to the Maroon Lake Parking Area.From mid-June through September, the Maroon Creek Road is closed from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and you will need to take a shuttle bus from Ruby Park in Aspen. Enjoy great morning light on the Bells and Sleeping Sexton on this rapid climb. Willow Lake is located 6.2 miles from Maroon Lake in the Maroon Bells - Snowmass Wilderness. But, once I split off the trail to Willow Pass, I was the only one around. The terrain is very rocky for much of the trail. EAST SNOWMASS TRAIL #1977 to Willow Lake PERMIT INFORMATION: In order to provide quality recreation experiences and to protect the wilderness lands the Forest Service must gather data regarding visitor use and travel patterns. The pass offers rangy views over the route leading to it, and across Willow Creek basin. The hike over the ridge to Willow lake looked intimidating but was easier than it looked. Visitors from 9am - 5pm must park at Aspen Highlands Village Parking Lot and take the Shuttle Bus to the trailhead. Each party overnighting in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness is required to self-register at the Dispersed backcountry camping is permitted in the, Camping is prohibited within 100' of any trail, lake or stream. Note camping is not permitted in these meadows.

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