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It's just very...'Murica. What a shame. To revisit an old saying - goalkeepers are crazy. It wouldn't have been so bad if Germany stuck with the classy 1990 design either, as that was a whole lot more subtle than what was produced for the 1994 World Cup. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. ​Chelsea opted to go with this orange and grey abomination and it's no wonder why it is considered to be one of the worst Premier League shirts of all time. It's bad enough that the stripes are non-existent, but the bizarre pink stripe down the centre of the shirt is completely unforgivable. Every heard of the phrase 'less is more'? The cross is bad, the pattern within the cross is bad and the giant 'BORO' symbol emblazoned on the shoulder? - pic.twitter.com/A60p7TNE. Don't let that admittedly hilarious memory fool you, though. Hull City squad photo 1993#hullcity #Hcfc pic.twitter.com/fTfavRkWRP. The German colours work, so long as they are paired with a white canvas - not a bottle green one. The new away shirts are on sale from 10am on Thursday July 30, priced at £40 for junior sizes and £48 for adult sizes. Coventry City's 1978 brown away shirt They don't make 'em like this any more. I have no idea what this is supposed to be. It made a go at including all the colours of the rainbow, but stopped short after adding a random green line in the middle of the torso, for some reason. ​Everton's alternate strip for the 2010/11 season was certainly memorable, but it's not exactly what you would call subtle. Chelsea joined the League before they had played a single game - an achievement they share with Bradford City. An underwhelming sponsor, unnecessary collar and a bonkers design which made you want to go and have a wash. The Boro kit is available in a range of sizes and spans from children’s MFC kits to Adult 4XL, so we are sure that you will find the size for you within our collection. Is it...is it really. I've refrained from including too many goalkeeper shirts on this list because they are, by nature, usually pretty dreadful. The only rule that applies: one shirt per club or country. The first of many horrific kits from the 90s to feature on this list, ​Huddersfield's 1991/92 away kit was something of a tie-dye fever dream. Merseyside Police Investigating Social Media Threats Aimed at Everton Duo. There really is no other way of explaining what's going on here, because there is no semblance of organisation when it comes to the 'design'. Shirts upto 2000 now posted for all. Norwich City's infamous 'Bird Poo' kit, 1992/93. It's Sierra Leone's 'Mountain Lion' shirt from 2010 pic.twitter.com/YQdXV6A91G. A candidate for the worst kit ever. But think about how that might translate on the pitch. Marseille clearly hadn't in 2011. That would be the only explanation, anyway. #COYBIG pic.twitter.com/Xe8rBCjZWw, Nottingham ForestYear: 1997A perfectly nice yellow shirt that someone has decided to scrawl over with marker pen. Call me immature, but that's just really funny. So letting them do what they want in the kit department is probably the worst idea anyone has ever had. Middlesbrough FC Hummel 2020-2021 Away Kit This is the new Hummel Boro away football shirt for 2020-21. On first glance, there is nothing too terrible about this one. Brighton 1991 (unfortunate sponsor too). They probably would have been better off going the full mile, as the half and half design is just confusing. ​It's difficult to get your head around this one. Blasphemy, I hear you cry. pic.twitter.com/pF26PpRka8. The indecipherable red and white blotches were placed seemingly at random and, coupled with the contrasting shades of blue made for a god-awful mess. ​Nottingham Forest's marker pen shirt. We've already covered the ​50 greatest football shirts here at 90min, so now it's time to take a look at some of the shirts that the world would rather forget. and ​Stoke clearly though the best plan of action would be to use that to let every know exactly who they were playing. Shirts from the last couple of seasons being added to the clubs pages .. A-C teams so far, Gillingham FC page updated to include all shirts from 1980 to 2016, Leyton Orient page updated with shirts from 2000 - 2015. pic.twitter.com/ttxRasq3dT. It's not too obvious, but there's also a weird tribal pattern on the shoulders to complete the look. Minute Media 2019 90min © All rights reserved, Unai Emery Admits Kylian Mbappé 'Seriously Considered' Swapping PSG for Real Madrid, 10 Free Agent Defenders Liverpool Could Sign as Cover for Virgil van Dijk - Ranked, Manchester United 'Agree First Refusal' for Sporting CP Teenager. Oh look, another shirt that is taken straight off a bus seat. League Position 21st Manager Lennie Lawrence. Estonia kit 1996. Basque artist Dario Urzay grimly designed this Athletic Bilbao shirt to evoke a blood splatter (not too dark then), but it instead looks like someone managed to spill jam all over themselves. CLASSIC KITS . I recently saw this Australia national team shirt circa 1990 in the wild. In fact, the man in black had to change his jersey during the Geordies’ 4-1 away defeat to Leeds because their hideous partly striped kit was so dark. ​The kit is a divisive one amongst ​Bristol City fans - some love it, some want to kill it with fire. Football shirt history from 1980 onwards. The first of many horrific kits from the 90s to feature on this list, Huddersfield's 1991/92 away kit was something of a tie-dye fever dream. 1992-93 Schalke home shirt designed by #adidas#S04 pic.twitter.com/La8b0gIRMH. This one genuinely looks like someone took a plain white shirt and just sprayed ketchup and mustard across it in an a failed attempt to generate some 90s nostalgia. It's impossible not to picture this kit without seeing John Aldridge being restrained by Jack Charlton whilst directing every swear word in his vocabulary at a poor FIFA official at the 1994 World Cup. The colour gradient was supposed to act as visual metaphor for soil to sky, which is a lovely sentiment, but brown doesn't belong on any football shirt. I mean, just take a look at it. Very little information exists about Sierra Leone's 2010 shirt, so it's not exactly easy to contextualise. It's intolerant, alright. WEAR A MASK - … From an objective standpoint, it's not great, is it? 1994-96 Germany away shirt designed by #adidas pic.twitter.com/2dZq3OKoQ6. But just take a look at that sponsor. Middlesbrough (1996-97, away) ​Hull City, known as the Tigers, went bonkers in 1992 and decided that the best course of action was to create a tiger print shirt that has not stood the test of time. pic.twitter.com/EhioLa3I1g. 0 Comments Update. : Squad number; P: Position; Name: Player name; No. 1991/92Huddersfield Town's Iwan Roberts celebrates scoring in a 4-4 draw with Bury#htafc pic.twitter.com/Gs64UPAGN0. Carlisle 1993-95 home: Hall of Fame or Shame?#CumbriaDay pic.twitter.com/OPgu3RevVg. The Red Devils shipped three goals shipped three goals in a dreadful first-half against the Saints and Sir Alex Ferguson claimed that his players couldn't see each other on the pitch. Apparently, the shirt is a nod to the to the inside of the bomber jackets that Marseille fans wore in the 80s as a sign of collective ‘rejection of intolerance’. Let's be real here. Green and black stripes would be fine, so why did they feel the need to try and include Villa's home colours as well? RT if you agree, or Tweet us a worse one ! ​Middlesbrough had a plethora of exciting talents at their disposal during the 1996/97 - just a shame they didn't have a kit to match. Brazil's 1994 home shirt was bad enough in itself, but the fact that they went on to lift the trophy in this mess makes it that much worse. For some unthinkable reason, the Terriers recreated this effort for their debut season in the Premier League and it wasn't a whole lot better. Fantasy Fantasy Draft ... Away Kit. Brace yourselves, everybody. Background. Think your team has a dodgy away kit this season? Which one was worse? ​This is unique as it was used as the world's first 'continental' kit, acting a third strip for 12 African football national teams sponsored by Puma in 2010. Show us a more iconic away kit... we'll wait. Be just like the players you idolise and buy the Middlesbrough football club home kit today. One of the most infamous kits of all time, ​Manchester United players literally went missing when they put this one on against Southampton in 1996. Updated to match(es) played on 4 May 2013. BEIGE TASSELS. ​​A ​Milan shirt on this list!? Why did adidas feel the need to plaster ​Schalke's 1992/93 home kit with seemingly random squiggles that had no place being there? You know those campy horror films that do nothing but make you laugh? ​​Here it is then. ​Subtlety has never been something you normally would associate with USA and they did nothing to change that sentiment when they took to the field in this faux-denim number at the 1994 World Cup. Gabriel Batistuta wearing the Fiorentina's infamous 'Swastika kit' in 1992/1993. 8/7/2020 1 Comment 1 Comment Scottish Clubs ... MK Dons 2004-2010 shirts Middlesbrough 2000-2015 shirts . Anniversary or commemorative shirts are rarely a good idea, no matter what the occasion is. They've tried to pack in as much as possible, combining colours that shouldn't ever be combined in the process. Australia were looking to make a statement in 1990 and what that essentially boiled down to was making a kit which looked like someone had thrown up the contents of their lunch all over it. It's a sweet gesture from the Bolivian side of 1930, who opted to celebrate the host nation of the 1930 World Cup, Uruguay. On initial reflection, this isn't that bad. Controversy reigns, as ​Norwich's 'bird poo' kit narrowly misses out on a coveted spot in the top ten. Poetry. 19/4/2015 0 Comments Walsall and West Ham shirts added upto 2000. An otherwise plain white shirt was marred by garish yellow highlights, which were clumsily integrated into the design of the shirt, which probably brought about more than existential crisis amongst supporters. Looking like a rejected outfit from the Village People, Colorado Caribous come flying in at the number one spot with the single worst shirt any football team has ever had the misfortune of wearing. Matches started as captain only Pink can work - take a look at some of Palermo's home shirts - but pink that is this lurid is a no-go. Good for you. pic.twitter.com/CffMUr440v. You have to laugh at this one, because it's such a weak effort. You'd think that designing a ​Juventus home shirt would be a fairly simple process. Wrong. Football Shirts History. The away kit has yet to be confirmed. 13. CD Palencia have a very interesting new kit... https://t.co/ppoPKTnjc1 pic.twitter.com/Z02j97OiBJ, ​​CD Palencia saw Reggina's shirt from earlier on in this list and thought, "nah, we can easily top that, just you watch.". All league teams covered. and the award for worst kit ever goes to... Reggina Calcio!! Lincoln City   Luton Town and Oldham Athletic all updated to 14-15 seasons. No NASL inspired design would be complete without the inclusion of the Colorado Caribous effort  ⚽ pic.twitter.com/lzFF74XQVP. pic.twitter.com/CmQNWoPxHn. After all, it shouldn't be difficult to mess up black and white stripes, right? 1860 Munich - 2010 pic.twitter.com/TBs0Y5Gb5j. It's bad, but things are only going to get worse from here. Middlesbrough Football Club (/ ˈ m ɪ d əl z b r ə / MID-əlz-brə) is a professional association football club based in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England.They are currently competing in the EFL Championship, the second tier of English football.Formed in 1876, they have played at the Riverside Stadium since 1995, their third ground since turning professional in 1889. The individual who signed off on the idea of two shades of yellow needs to take a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror. 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