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This fight takes place on top of a monorail train. The trio of sets confirm a few story elements, notably that Steppenwolf is scouring the Earth for three Mother Boxes, which allow him to transport his legion of Parademons across the reaches of the galaxy to our planet. The effort now, is to get Rookie to safety. The Justice League movie, meanwhile, hits theaters on Nov. 17. Once you take control of the Batwing, use it to shoot the three doors off the carriage below Steppenwolf for the minikit. Climb up it, then use his investigative power when prompted to find an anchor point on the gate to the left. Pull it down and destroy the flashing Lego model behind it, then build the glowing bricks to create a turntable switch to pull the elevator car back to your level and reunite everyone. Steppenwolf Instructions Features suspension and rotating turret. Each level of both the core story and bonus Justice League story requires you to collect the following: Please support our YouTube channel by subscribing and liking this video. Double-tap the jump button to fly, then head over to the panel that opened and press the button. The video will show you what is required to 100% the level with additional detail below for each part. Lego Super Mario Lego Bots Lego Duplo Legos Instructions Lego Technique Lego Micro Lego Lego Activities Lego Store amzn_assoc_ad_type ="responsive_search_widget"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id ="mikejackson-21"; amzn_assoc_marketplace ="amazon"; amzn_assoc_region ="GB"; amzn_assoc_placement =""; amzn_assoc_search_type = "search_widget";amzn_assoc_width ="360"; amzn_assoc_height ="500"; amzn_assoc_default_search_category ="Toys"; amzn_assoc_default_search_key ="LEGO Videogames";amzn_assoc_theme ="light"; amzn_assoc_bg_color ="FFFFFF"; By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our. Keep going right and hop over the gap between each car. Once he's on his feet, he'll use the same attack pattern and mainly target you with hard-to-dodge forward attacks. Push the button that is revealed. In the process, he'll create a glowing pile of bricks. LEGO DC Super-Villains is the first LEGO game to put players at the center of a villain-centric adventure packed with favorite locations and characters from across the DC universe. 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But, thanks to Lego, we now have our first look at Superman and Steppenwolf in action, along with the rest of the Justice League. Use Mirror Man to activate both mirrors and then head through and destroy the cabinet inside the caged area for the red brick. They'll just charge back and forth (generally without aiming) while fire continues to rain down. Defends Ice Cube for Working With Trump Campaign: 'You've Got to Give Him the Credit of His Credibility', Salma Hayek Looks Simply Stunning In This New Au Naturel Photo, Adult Film Stars Speak Out on How Amy Coney Barrett Could Be 'Catastrophic' for Porn Industry, Steve Perry Insists Eddie Van Halen ‘Guacamole Incident’ Didn’t Make Him Cry, first spotted in the Dark Knight’s fever dream in, Justice League: Up Close and Personal With the New-Look Costumes. Deathstroke will jump out on their own and join Rookie on the catwalk. This page shows the locations of Minikits in Stage 14: Steppenwolf Surprise. Build them to create a distraction for the dog and drop Steppenwolf down to your level again. Steppenwolf Surprise LEGO DC Super-Villains ... Steppenwolf Surprise. Finally with DETECTIVE MODE trigger the machine to drop a minikit. The Lego Justice League sets will go on sale Aug. 1. Move right and be ready to jump whenever Steppenwolf fires a beam from his vehicle. Flower Power. Yahoo Movies has your sneak peek at the toymaker’s Justice League-spawned sets, which translate the big-screen action into blocky home versions — revealing a few previously unknown plot points, characters, and vehicles. Defeat the enemies, switch to Deathstroke, then activate his invisibility on the back wall to reveal a vertical passage. Minikit #5 (03:30): Minikit #2 ( 01:24): Despite the speed and background, consider only the train car to be the "level"; there is no time limit with how fast you need to complete it. Once more he'll be stunned at first, so hit him with everything you've got. When he drops to two hearts, he'll retreat again but leave behind a glowing pile of bricks. Once you're on the catwalk, head left and use your heat beam to melt the door on top of the elevator car. Minikit #1 In the elevator shaft on the first level, hop or fly to the catwalk on the left. Character Token – Batwoman(02:57): Keep up to date with all the latest from Life In Brick’s videos by heading over to our YouTube Channel and subscribing.

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