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This image has so much going on within the frame, it’s incredibly complex but you cannot help but inspect all the various elements of the image, there are so many stories, interactions and wonderful colour all within one frame. Waterfalls don’t get much more impressive than Skogafoss. For more information please visit: carmennorman.co.uk/. Mark supplies three leading image libraries and his work has been published around the world in books, magazines and newspapers. The mix of steely tones complimented by such interesting textures makes for a powerful image. Finally, to be picky, the horizon isn’t quite level and there are a number of dust spots visible in the sky - both easily correctible issues. This is a lovely composition. Mark Cornick is a Surrey-based photographer currently working on creating abstract images using the techniques of Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple Exposure. The best silhouettes are the simplest ones. His videos take the viewer on a 'behind the scenes' journey to the locations he visits, from the initial camera setup to the final photograph. Pete Bridgwood. I love my Big Stopper but its not always my first choice. An added bonus was the tide being out and so giving the pier the extra dark band at its base (or just good planning? Andrew Marr. The light on the foreground boulders is wonderful and to reveal more of this would be hugely beneficial. From looking at Andrew’s Instagram page it is clear to see that he is a very talented architectural photographer, and this is another very successful image. The only thing I would change is not about the image itself, but of the use of the watermark. var slider = $(".royalSlider").data("royalSlider"), This results in a comparable effect between a LEE100 Grad on a full frame camera and a LEE85 Grad on a mirrorless camera with a crop sensor. This new ring has been specifically designed to fit this super-wide lens. Perfect. A wonderful image. holder clips onto the adaptor ring. It keeps the contrast of the scene to a minimum so all of the fine details in the buildings are clear. Through the production company Dark Sky Media Chris specialises in shooting climbing, skiing and mountain biking and enjoys shooting in remote and inaccessible locations where just getting the camera out of the bag can be a challenge. Sometimes simplicity speaks volumes. Very often with conditions like this you have to be patient to capture just the right moment. 20mm. The pinnacle itself positioned on the right third balances nicely with the rocky cliffs to it’s left, while the letterbox crop works well keeping the scene concise yet spacious.Drew Buckley. As well as Norfolk Photography Tours, she also runs other photography workshops throughout the year, from beginners "Get off Auto" to advanced level Impressionism and Abstract Photography. A variety of other educational material is also available through his website.

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