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Weapons Lance Henriksen is the voice of Kerchak in Tarzan (1999), and Kenji Utsumi is the Japanese voice. Video Game: Tarzan: The Video Game Franchise: Tarzan. Lance Henriksen is the voice of Kerchak in Tarzan 2, and Kenji Utsumi is the Japanese voice. Kerchak VOICE Gregg Berger. Release Dates Before the death of his biological son, Kerchak appeared to be warmer and more playful as he was seen playing with the baby gorilla but after the child was killed by Sabor, he grew cold, bitter, and grumpy. Disney Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This doesn’t mean he was bad, he was just neutral first because he was over-protective to Tarzan. | A few years later, Tarzan (now a young boy) runs into Kerchak, but is able to be led away by Terk. Home His bare hands, fists, fangs He did occasionally show a caring side as when Tarzan was presumed dead after falling off a cliff, Kerchak tried to comfort Kala. To save her father from death in the army, a young maiden secretly goes in his place and becomes one of China's greatest heroines in the process. Park-Yum), final checker (as Catherine Mirkovich-Peterson), additional clean-up artist (as Cheryl Polakow-Knight), assistant animator: "Tarzan" (as Christine Chatal-Poli), assistant layout artist (as Birgitta Erja Pollanen), layout supervisor (as Jean Christophe Poulain), breakdown artist: "Tarzan" (as Nicolas Quere), character designer (as Jeffery Resolme Ranjo), assistant animator: "Clayton" (as David E. Recinos), supervising animator: "Young & Baby Tarzan", additional clean-up artist (as Boola Robello), 2-D animation processing supervisor (as Robyn L. Roberts), key assistant animator: "Jane" (as Richard D. Rocha), key assistant animator: "Adult & Baby Terk" (as Maria Wilnelmina Rosetti), additional rough inbetweener (as Bobby Alcid Rubio), key assistant animator: "Jane" (as Jacqueline Sanchez), digital re-touch painter (as Valapa 'Oomp' Saubhayana), assistant animator: "Adult & Baby Terk" (as Marty Schwartz), key assistant animator: "Young & Baby Tarzan" (as Natasha Dukelski Selfridge), additional clean-up artist (as Elsa Sesto-Vidal), assistant supervisor: animation check (as Mavis E. Shafer), additional clean-up artist (as Jacqueline M. Shepherd), color model mark-up (as Grace H. Shirado), additional clean-up artist (as Keith A. Sintay), supervising animator: "Kerchak" and "Baboons & Baby Baboons", breakdown artist: "Jane" (as Chun Yin Joey So), breakdown artist: "Flynt & Mungo" and "Ape Family", additional layout artist (as Kenneth Spirduso), lead key assistant animator: "Jane" (as Juliet Duncan), key assistant animator: "Flynt & Mungo" and "Ape Family" (as Susan Y. Sugita), additional clean-up artist (as George Sukara), breakdown artist: "Jane" (as Kathleen Thorson), animator: "Tarzan" (as Tran-Quang-Thieu JC), key assistant animator: "Jane" (as Jane Tucker Bonnet), additional clean-up artist (as Justin 'Dusty' Wakefield), additional background artist (as David Wang 'Ying Guang'), additional clean-up artist (as Darren R. Webb), breakdown artist: "Clayton" (as Ronald John Westlund), additional clean-up artist (as Michael W. Wiesmeier), lead key assistant animator: "Young & Adult Tantor", inbetween artist: "Flynt & Mungo" and "Ape Family", animator: "Tarzan" (as Enis Tahsin Özgür), post-production administrator (as Heather Jane MacDonald-Smith), post-production engineer (as Michael Kenji Tomizawa), arranger, orchestrator, conductor (as David Richard Campbell), director of production accounting (as Bob Bacon), additional production supporter (as Ronald C. Betta), technology supporter (as Michael S. Blum), additional production supporter (as Tara Brown), production coordinator: CAPS (as Kirsten A. Bulmer), production assistant (as Rodolfo F. Cardenas), digital EFX & reuse librarian (as Vicki L. Casper), technology crew / technology supporter (as Maria Gomez de Lizardo), technology supporter (as Larry G. Edminister), additional production supporter (as Patricia Faye Feldstein), additional production supporter (as Thomas Grealy Jr.), production assistant (as Wendell Lawrence Harvey), assistant production accountant (as Frank W. Knittel), technology supporter (as Barbara LeBruno), assistant manager: disk space and retakes, technology supporter (as Mabel Lim Okamura), assistant production manager: story and visual development, story artistic supervisor / story supervisor, assistant digital film printing and opticals supervisor, render I/O administrator (as Elkeer Zaldumbide), additional production supporter (as Stephanie Green-Spahn), production assistant (as Robert Stephan Stemwell), technology supporter (as Sahara Elizabeth Ford-Wernick), render I/O administrator (as L. Rhiannon Leffanta), technology supporter (as Derek Elliott Wilson), excerpt from: "Fun with Dick & Jane" (uncredited).

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