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Chrissie tells Jake that she doesn't want Jake to put his life on hold for all the years that she will be in prison. Jake soon repairs his relationship with Chrissie - whom he recently had a fling with - and is later shocked when she admits to have killed her husband and Johnny's close friend, Den (Leslie Grantham) - whose body had been uncovered from the cellar of The Queen Victoria pub, several weeks before; Jake is further surprised to learn that Chrissie killed Den on the same night that Johnny murdered Andy - as well as framing her nemesis Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) for the crime. EastEnders star Joel Beckett has decided to quit the show.. Family Life. Bekannt wurde er durch die Fernsehserie EastEnders, einer beliebten Sendung in England, die in 19 Folgen ausgestrahlt wurde. Here is Jake Moon's character trailer, played by the fantastic Joel Beckett! Joel Beckett is famous for being a Soap Opera Actor. [6] However, producer Kate Harwood gave Jake a reprieve, and the character subsequently took a short break from the show which coincided with Danny's exit and then returned. Meanwhile, Chrissie confesses to Jake that she murdered her husband, Den (Leslie Grantham), whose body had been uncovered from the cellar of The Queen Victoria pub several weeks before. Jake is employed by Johnny for several months after this, along with Danny. Chrissie ends up getting arrested as she and Jake are at the airport, ready to flee abroad. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 22. Joel Beckett. Jake and Sean become bitter enemies, but Sean convinces Ruby that he loves her and that Jake is trying to cause trouble between them. 1973 Relationships Danny then shows Jake a mobile phone recording of Andy's best-friend, Dennis Rickman (Nigel Harman), being stabbed to death on New Year's Eve 2005. Ruby even tells Sean that it was Jake who had murdered Danny - giving Sean a hold over Jake. Status By the time Johnny and several other residents are doubting Chrissie's innocence, Jake joins her quest to leave Walford and quickly creates a partnership between Chrissie and Johnny with the intent of helping her sell The Queen Vic to tie up her loose ends - as well as his own in the terms of making amends with his ex-crime boss; however, they are both unaware that the confession was caught on CCTV at Johnny's club Scarlet. Bobby Moon Beckett ging zur Bedford Schule. Jake appears in the show in episodes originally broadcast in the United Kingdom between 30 December 2004 and 20 October 2006. However, Johnny has arranged for Andy's bodyguard Eddie to bring Andy before him and prepares for Jake to intercept Andy. [7], Jake and Danny always tried to imitate the Mitchell brothers, but second-rate gangsters is all they were. He rightly guesses that Sean is using Ruby, and is only interested in her money. When Sean visits Johnny in prison, he ignores his threats and tells Johnny there is nothing Johnny or Jake can do to stop him. On 7 May 2006, Beckett announced that he was quitting the show and departed on 20 October 2006. Born : Joel Bygraves. He tries to persuade Johnny not to kill Danny. Sometime later, Jake discovers Danny has been living in Johnny's mansion in Essex. Mother "I've thoroughly enjoyed my time in the show," Beckett told the Sunday Mirror. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Former EastEnders star Joel Beckett teases future Coronation Street role", "Ex-EastEnders star Joel Beckett wants Corrie role",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 2 episodes: "Bad for Your Health" (Parts 1 & 2), This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 06:15. But they are both unaware that the confession was caught on CCTV at Johnny Allen's club, Scarlet. Joel Beckett Popularity . Jake had only meant to wound his brother, not kill him. Jake and Danny are cousins of established character Alfie Moon (Shane Richie). He tries to stop Danny from doing any more, and Danny knocks him unconscious. Danny Moon-March 2006: Shoots him in the back as he is about to kill Grant Mitchell. Beckett ging zur Bedford Schule. His last scene saw him being confronted by mobsters shortly after Johnny died of a heart attack in prison, and his fate has never been revealed although he is presumed dead. Phil and Grant Mitchell find Johnny and want him to confess to Dennis's murder. First cousins Jake realizes Danny has become mentally unstable since his time away from Walford, and that Johnny is just using him to do his dirty work. © BBC Beckett ging zur Bedford Schule. In October 2006, Jake turns to Johnny - who has been paying Jake to look after Ruby, since he has been in prison - and tells him what Sean is doing. Johnny's cellmate assumes that Johnny wants Jake killed, and Johnny dies soon after in hospital. Joel Beckett (* 27. [8], Fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, "Press Releases: From The Office to Albert Square",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 September 2020, at 15:14. Letzte Überprüfung: 22. Jake struggles to cope with observing Andy's murder and ends up sharing the information to Danny as the latter, who had recently learned of Andy's death, grows paranoid in fear that Johnny will come after them next. Zoe Slater (2005) Chrissie Watts (2005)Dawn Swann (2006)Beth (2006)Carly Wicks (2006) Auch spielte er in The Office, Holby City und Band of Brothers.

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