install data layer inspector extension

* ``` Follow the examples below to practice your rendering plugin development skills. In the absence of such // Get an instance of geometry data provider. // First, get actual `SegmentAnchor` from pool. Our add-on allows you to: Category: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics has a cohorts analysis report, but it only allow you to build acquistion date cohorts. * @param {object} params.geometryDataProviders Various geometry data providers to map data. * `heretileToQuad`, `hdmapCoordinateToLonLat`, etc. * }, /** * @param {object} params.layer All properties as well as dataUrl, name, partitioning and Seattle, WA 98107, Custom Cohorts Tool for Google Analytics 360, Lessons Learned and Advice for Marketing Leaders, 5 Digital Marketing Trends that Are Dominating 2019, Analytics Pros Achieves Google Cloud Partner Specialization in Data Analytics. * @param {object} params.logger Logger to log information to console. * * `heretileToQuad`, `hdmapCoordinateToLonLat`, etc. */, "Source data does not have node and segment lists. The HERE Resource Name (HRN) of the catalog that is used for this example is set to hrn:here:data::olp-here:rib-2. * Asynchronously generates GeoJSON from RIB Navigation Attributes data. This is a key resource if…, 5325 Ballard Ave NW They will be rendered on top of the segments since they were added to the, "application/vnd.geo+json; charset=utf-8", /* In addition, it has other features that support development and web analytics debugging. // Process segments in the tile if any exist. If you want to develop and test your custom rendering plugin locally, you should first install the Web App Generator with the option Custom data using custom JavaScript translators to GeoJSON. For more information on the road segment data format, see BaseRoadSegmentsDataProvider reference documentation. Work with GTM containers not deployed on a site, Add code to the page before anything else happens, Or turn the clock back to simpler times (i.e. Just log in to your Google Analytics account,…, BigQuery uses a custom flavor of SQL. * * agreement, the use of the software is not allowed. // Then, retrieve line coordinates from geometry data provider. This rendering plugin generates GeoJSON output with speed limit lines. This reduces the effort required to generate GeoJSON Feature objects. Since Navigation Attributes data lacks road geometry information, it has to be referenced to road segments using SegmentAnchors instead. */, /** In our case, it is renderer.plugin.template. * * Only one of these functions must be declared, if both are present plugin will not be used. Road geometries are retrieved by calling the getSegmentAnchorCoordinates method of the data provider. This example includes a custom rendering for HERE Map Content (HMC) Topology partitions. Plugin Examples. The Adswerve dataLayer Inspector+ is a tool kit of utilities for a digital analyst. // Iterate over `SegmentAnchor`s of speed limit item. Suite 300 Before pasting the code below into the renderer.plugin.template.js file (that can be found in the project's root directory), open the index.ts file and make sure that the configuration of the DataInspector class is set to the following: The value of the externalRenderingPluginName parameter matches your rendering plugin filename without the .js extension. Our extension lets you know: In addition to the diagnostics we added a set of features to help you significantly speed up implementations. Classic Mode). Speed limits information comes from the HERE Map Content Navigation Attributes layer, and road geometries are retrieved from the HERE Map Content Topology Geometry layer. * getGeoJSONAsync: async function (params) { ... } * @param {object} params.geometryDataProviders Various geometry data providers to map data. * ``` */. * @returns {string} String with line color. * ``` * Returns line style based on speed limit value. * GeoJSON data. * * ``` * originalConfiguration. * In order to use renderer plugin this file must be placed into project root directory and * const geoJsonDataSource = new GeoJsonDataSource({ * @param {object} params.decodeResult Input RIB Navigation Attributes data.

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