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If you have a specific question with regards to the spam policy or are seeking advice from other community members, you can use the Support Forum to get answers. “Hi, *insert reviewer’s name,* A few days later I contacted GMB support, and I also contacted the Twitter team – just to see if there was a difference in the approach or information. For questions and discussion about Google My Business. So i fired them, Yes it’s very upsetting to receive a fake review, but how you respond is a reflection of the company, and securing business from a potential customer is far more valuable then getting the last word in. How to fix an overly ambitious keyword strategy. Negative reviews happen. Encourage happy customers to write online reviews. When yours is empty, look through their windows. Having a solid review strategy in place is a great way to combat a fake review. Outstanding article and advice! I know I rarely go to a new place without looking online for reviews, info etc. Your website isn’t indexed. Before you report, be sure to have screenshots of all the replicated reviews and the original, so you can show how the reported reviews have violated the guidelines. This allows you to direct Google to your sitemap.xml and request it to crawl and index your URLs. Your multi pronged approach to remove complains is enlightening. I can also prove that it was a false. None of the reviews are from actual customers and much of what they are saying is lies about employees/owners and not specific to their experience with us. It only takes a click to unsubscribe. Hi! The review I reported violates their content policy as an. This is sounds like a frustrating situation. Thanks for any and all feedback and for writing this helpful article! Serve good food and listen to your customers and you'll be fine. Before we never really cared, we are honestly late to the internet game. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Best of luck to your client. Ask your loyal good customers to leave reviews for treats or something. And we’ll walk you through how to fix it so you can boost your online rankings and revenue. Trying to rank for highly-competitive results, especially when competing with bigger brands, can sometimes leave your business in the dust. Click the Flag icon and you will be taken to the Report a policy violation page. I am trying the first approach, through Google, and will keep you posted. On top of it we believe this is a different employee who left the company using an employees name that was fired!! Snark aside, it'd be easier for google to include JusticePorn links since that means they didn't need to do something to their algorithm to specifically exclude it. For example, my competitor A has 12 5-star Google review just when they first opened up. We use Wordpress as a CMS and the pagebuilder elementor to pull in the data from Google reviews. Also, any cloud only photos will have to be downloaded to the Google Photos Backup folder if you want the same treatment (i.e., automatically showing up in Google Drive Photos folder as well as Google Photos). If you were a client of ours , we would like to investigate this issue further, please contact *person’s name* immediately at *company email address* so that we can resolve this issue immediately.”. The policy violation is obvious, as all users are listed on the company’s website (with the same photo and name they used to leave their review…). I have tweeted the Google SmallBiz Team twice – no reply…. share . Thank you very much! With regards to responding to the review, I would first ensure that it doesn’t violate any HR or Privacy policies given the individual was fired and a previous employee. Use Legitimate Account– The first suggestion is to just use a legitimate account. You need to put time and effort into it, or hire a professional to claim all those accounts and administer them. Any advice? It’s important to remember, though, that Google doesn’t guarantee site indexing, and if your site is new, it may still take time to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). An SEO audit allows you to identify areas for improvement and make the necessary fixes to achieve top rankings. A subreddit to help you keep up to date with what's going on with reddit and other stuff. Do they want to know how to set up a tent? Often the 8th review will show up in a few days. Celebrating 25+ Years of Digital Marketing Excellence I suspect one of my competitors is writing himself fake 5 star reviews. I think we are at 4.6* on both, but it's been forever since I checked. A lot of bad reviews maybe you should consider making some changes. If your content leaves something to be desired, consider partnering with a full-service content marketing agency like WebFX to create custom site content. Stay up to date. 1. Search engine optimisation and all its wider facets. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Did you make any menu/vendor/staff changes recently? The reviewer was not a customer. Search engines want to rank valuable content and websites that provide visitors with a great experience. Your site isn’t showing up on Google. Start Asking For Reviews 1. I would suggest reporting the reviews in your Google My Business dashboard. When I google “service area city + service I’m offering,” it just doesn’t come up with the other listings like it does with my physical location. My Contact Us box only has “Need More Help?” and “Send Feedback” listed in it. Enter your company E-mail address and select the Violation Type. Encourage your happy customers to leave reviews. Hello! This could be a situation that warrants no response, especially when coming from a disgruntled ex-employee with malicious intent. Grow your business with the help of our GMB experts. Hope that helps and best of luck. This is easily fixed with a few changes within the GMB listing. One of their customers caught them logging into his Google account and leaving themselves a 5-star review! I personally would not like to feel like I am being bribed. Fill in the necessary contact parameters, Add a screenshot of the review in question, and wait patiently (you should hear back within 24-48 Hours). best. Are other restaurants in your area down a similar amount? Can you show that these are not actually customers? Usually though, bad reviews on all 3 are all from different people that are using their platform of choice to warn others. Competitor B has like 140 Google reviews with the reviews having same writing style as the responses. If your site doesn’t meet Google’s quality guidelines, it may temporarily or permanently remove your site from search results. Go to Learn how to flag and fix inappropriate reviews They are jerks. 2. For example, if someone searches a generic keyword like, “tent,” it’s hard to determine exactly what they want to find. Good luck! WebFX offers custom SEO services to help your business rank at the top of search results and earn more revenue online. If your website is new, keep in mind that it can take several weeks for Google to index your site and reflect the changes in search results. You will only hear from a team member if they require additional details from you or if they have information to share with you. If you believe you have a case for reporting your competitor for fake reviews, you could try report/flag one of the fake reviews. Do you have any fake review horror stories to share? Thanks Jessie! The Spam factor in Google reviews is huge. Simply prevent these reasons and your review should publish live on a business’ Google Local page. Hi All, I'm working on increasing our page load times, and I noticed that the pictures of people who reviewed us on Google are showing up … We’ll audit your SEO strategy to determine why your site isn’t showing up on Google and help you implement solutions that drive results — and prevent you from searching “my website isn’t showing up on Google.”. That may be too drastic, however, it could be a solution to avoiding having your company name “dragged through the mud due to a man running fraudulent operations under the same business name.” Best of luck to you. section and request a call, chat now, or send an email for further support. Anyway, the GMB small business team was very helpful and removed the fake review for violation of Google’s guidelines. Hi Jessie Low I’m trying to figure out how to remove the review summary off the page. If you are passionate and determined to have those reviews removed, I would continue your efforts in getting in touch with the Small Biz Team, gather proof (like screenshots of the reviews, with screenshots of the employee profiles/images from the company website), build your case and when you do eventually get in touch with a support team member you will have your proof and be able to make a stronger case.

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