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And if you do not want to pay 500 coins to host a game, just buy premium, it only costs 5 euros. Before you post in help, please read through this post. Which proof counts? At least I learned insults in polish, russian, croatian, dutch, german, hungarian, and so on I guess. It will be public for everyone to join. BotUnit 10 - 7 Silent Assassins, Sweet Bunnies 0 - 10 The Rovers bye from Sweet Bunnies Official Curve Fever Pro forum. If you have any questions or need further clarification on the matter, please don’t hesitate to email the fact that Flash will stop working in 2020, Ceasing support will mean that the game will not be moderated anymore. All reports are by the in-game cf2 report option. When choosing a password, use a password manager or sentences which serves as your password. Finally we are set free from being under the rule of autocratic ruling mods who abused their powers for far too long. Falls du dein Passwort vergessen hast, kannst du hier ein neues Passwort anfordern. Forum. Before you post in bugs, please read through this post. This should help in getting our forum experience for players to a better level. They clearly have a date that they plan on shutting the game down, so if you waste your money on this final moneygrab it's your own fault. The in-game shop is now closed and will not process real-money transactions anymore. The entire Curve Fever Team is very happy to get this old lady out of the barn and make the community a better place. All registered CF3-players qualify for a coin and gem bonus in Curve Fever Pro. ( 2 3) (47) VIDMAN Gaming youtube (14) GM Only tournament? Best proof of how bad the mods are is how this is going to end. Aside from the technical problems and misguided visions, one of CF's major problems was the human side. Transport Fever 2 Update 17.07.20. Dann registriere dich hier, um Diskussionen beizutreten oder eigene Themen zu erstellen. I really dont get the point of you doing this but seems legit and dumb af keep it up man, Sie zerkratzen meinen Lack, aber niemals mein Ego. Ceasing support will mean that the game will not be moderated anymore and we will no longer deal with any of the following: As a result of this decision, we will also disable the option to purchase coins and premium memberships in the shop as of September 2nd, 2019. (Unofficial) Curve Fever 2 clans olympics! Don't f'ing dare to make the game I paid money for live longer. Having organised thousands of international gaming events and created several leagues over the last 15 years I feel I am in a position to formulate such critics. CF Support is allowed to deny giving you support when you shared an account or gifted it. This is where we post news and other important information about Curve Fever Pro. I hope you understand. BotUnit vs The Rovers The game of chess has never changed in centuries, for the good and simple reason that it is great as is and remains to this day an eternal source of joy, fun and challenge. With this post being released we hope that players will understand this rule better. The second tournament of official Curve Olympics 2018 is going to be a Thin FFA tournament. To chat with the GameOgre community, you need to have at least 15 posts. I spent 8 wonderful years here and I don't regret it. But despite what they say in the post, it's unlikely that anything will change on the behalf of moderators. Instead of trying to create that, the mods imposed, or tried to, some pathetic authoritarian ways which not only killed any spirit of conviviality but failed miserably to erradicate the outrageous number of racist, nazis, homophobic, ...etc. Andernfalls kannst du dich hier direkt einloggen. Despite us not offering support for the game, Curve Fever 2 will still be up and running the same as before. Everyone can sign up whether you are premium or not. Curve Fever is not even resembling a shadow of its former self anymore. The developers lack the perspective the players aquired. With the developers busy coding and doing other important work, moderators will deal with checking up on the players themselves. There is NO good excuse to share an account with someone. This should help in getting our forum experience for players to a better level. Anyone interested? Infos zum bevorstehendem Mac-Release. Eurofighter1200 1. Based on the results, the team will take action. You will need to proof that you are the owner of the account. I think if there is a way to save Curve Fever, many people would support it. Ankündigungen und Neuigkeiten zu Transport Fever 2. Curve Fever Twitch. The sequel / improved version of Achtung Die Kurve / Curve Fever. Before you post in off-topic, please read through this post. behaviors. They never log in, and only ever touch CF2 to fire off a petty ban or threat, and I believe that will continue to happen. Exactly what these mods do will be described in the next section. Too bad no more tournies though that'll really get people to stop playing. Erfahre mehr über Transport Fever 2 auf dem Steam Community Hub und auf der Steam Store Page. Deadline: Friday, the 12th of October, 22:00 CEST. When playing on your personal device, you can save the login information. If you disable the option to buy premium membership, please make it free for everyone to host premium games. That is why we are relaunching it again. Foren; Community; Technik; Games; Hallo Besucher! Read all the details in the (4) Our favorite foods (12) Sweet Bunnies 0 - 10 The Rovers bye from Sweet Bunnies, BotUnit vs The Rovers Wicky explained to have the 500 coins option removed so it is fair for everyone to make a premium game. Do it here! Community. Introductions New to Curve Fever Pro or already a regular player? There will be a Room up where the draft will take place at in Europe. 267 . Even from a sales perspective this game made people actually make several accounts and buy prem/coins on 'em to just get the game experience while staying high at the rank ladder on the main account. Official Curve Fever Pro forum. If you have any questions, feel free to contact support or a community moderator. 82 posts / 0 new . Join the discussion! Can one of you please confirm if this topic is being read and possible agreed with by yourselves? Ceasing support will mean that the game will not be moderated anymore and we will no longer deal with any of the following: We noticed that since the introduction of the account sharing rule, in May, some players still have questions.You can read the complete rule below this more in depth clarification. Thank you for taking the time to read through this announcement! Before posting make sure you are aquainted with our forum rules. The Tribunal is coming back! Free premium for everyone would be a terrible idea. Unfortunately, because of the declining number of users and the fact that Flash will stop working in 2020, we have decided to stop offering support for Curve Fever 2 as of September 2nd, 2019. _____________________________________________________________________Join my CF2 and CF2 remastered discord! Need help with something? The team including the manager will win 3 month premium and the manager will win an additional 2k coins for being manager and putting his/her time into league. Active forum topics. [CANCELLED] Sign Up - 2nd Tournament of August: 2v2 Mix (scaled map), Geert Please Read - Curve Fever 2 Re-Mastered, [OFFICIAL] Sign Up - 1st Tournament of August: FFA Special, CFPro Tournament 2v2 None - An Invitation, [OFFICIAL] Sign Up - 1st Tournament of June: FFA Basic, Watch live video from Curve Fever on Twitch.

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