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After the outbreak of the World War Casement went to the United States, whence he wrote in Oct. Redmond Howard, Sir Roger Casement: a Character Sketch without Prejudice (1916). Two of them knelt at her casement with muskets at their side! Sir Roger Casement is another man not unlike Skeel. 45. In the rest of Europe, wooden casement windows that open out like a door are the norm. "Princess, my dear, there's someone driving up the avenue!" Usually consisting of a stationary window or windows with either a double-hung or casement window on both sides. Casement here is a window embedded in a wall. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! 33. All Rights Reserved. casement. lean-to with Welsh slate roof and similar casement and 2 light casement in gable above. Above right a 2 light casement in small roof gable in 1939. Benefits of Buying Used Doors and Windows. For over a century, Britain has devoted much time to maintaining confusion about Casement. This despatch failed to evoke any response from the powers, with the single exception of Turkey, but the public agitation against the Congo State regime continued to grow in force, being greatly strengthened by the publication in February 1904 of a report by Mr Roger Casement, then British consul at Boma, on a journey which he had made through the middle Congo region in 1903 (described as the "Upper" Congo in the report). Example sentences with the word casement.casement example sentences. Two of them knelt at her casement with muskets at the side! casement windows lit the interior, which had a gallery at either end. He spat on the ground and took his sabre from its, How soft is the night air that flows from yonder, So she lured it to her; and as soon as the falcon came under the, And wheresoever our lodge, there is but the thin, The study was large and high with a broad. Here a 5 light casement with top lights under a rounded arch. There was a broad window-seat under the casement windows he had just thrown open. Examples of casement in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Other interior details include custom millwork, casement windows, brick façade, and a circular drive. Windows are either timber sliding sash or casement, usually with heavy surrounds. 1. Usually the center window is a fixed frame window with operational double hung or casement windows on either side. Sentence Examples. Casement sentence examples. The two circular towers still have the original casement windows with leaded panes. technology. transom window above with attic 2 light casement. Casement - Casement windows have hinges on either the right or left and open opposite the hinges by an inside crank mechanism. Casement - Casement windows have the hinges on either the right or left, and open outward either right or left. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Only a big magnolia leaf tapped at the casement and dripped rain from its point. How To Use Casement In A Sentence?

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