carpet python breeding season

This process can be repeated for an initial month or two of the breeding season. Line breeding can be defined as breeding snakes sharing similar genetics (for example, inbreeding sibling pythons or dam to offspring) to achieve the desired appearance morphology. If the sire and dam both exhibit traits of your selective breeding goals, you are increasing the odds of your success. At about 2 years of age, you can make a pretty good determination of the direction the snake is headed by looking for smudging on the lighter portions of the scales. This can include introducing the female into the male’s cage, using a neutral cage for both, placing shed skins from other male pythons in the cage (always keep some in the freezer for breeding season), and taking advantage of low-pressure fronts (storms increase breeding behavior). Pippin’ ain’t easy… If you’re not familiar with this process, just don’t do it. I was fortunate enough to use an ultrasound unit a few times in 2006 and was able to note follicle size and observe corresponding behaviors. Most males will only breed a female if she has fairly mature follicles and is emitting pheromones to signal him that she is ready to be bred. 2 weeks with 18 hours of heat and 6 hours without heat. This temperature is inside the incubator itself and not the egg box. Email address StarPythons GmbH Its only function is to maintain a set temperature…nothing more, nothing less. It is still getting oxygen from the blood coming in from the umbilical cord. If I were to put the heat back on 24 hours a day, I could easily miss out on some late clutches. I noted that ovulation occurs once the follicles reach about 25mm in diameter. I’ll try lightly touching the prey item to the snake’s tail will sometimes get a response. I do not drop the temperature at night during the off-season. When a male is interested in breeding, he will spur the female’s back…usually on the posterior (rear) third of the body. Breeding season is from November to March, stop all feeding at this time. Males will often stop eating during breeding season and display cruising behavior in their cage, relentlessly crawling in pursuit of a mate. Suddenly you have to take care for 15-20 baby carpet pythons! However, this also means that you must be prepared to raise and care for the animals for months or even years. A broader definition sometimes means that the snakes came from a specified breeder (for example, a VPI line python is one that originated from Vida Preciosa International). If things get out of hand, they may bite each other, which can result in severe lacerations (which could require stitches) or even kill one or both males. This guide was written to be read in order. As such, I always try to put the male in and let them copulate as much as possible during this period. Some breeders like to measure egg box temperatures, as eggs tend to generate heat as they near hatching. Breeding Carpet Pythons Cooling Process. Don’t Over-Do Feeding Attempts We generally only try to feed once every 3-5 days, so as not to stress out babies that aren’t ready yet.

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