can i live off base in the army if i'm single

Unless your job school is over 20 weeks long (at one location) your dependents will not be allowed to travel to basic training at government expense. AskTOP is a blog that connects you to a net­work of active and retired mil­i­tary lead­ers who answer your Army leadership questions. It kind of prepares them to get oriented to the job. He told me that if I wasn’t moved back into the barracks that ” I was fucking done” so I talked to me team leader to (use my chain of command) and told him I want to take this up with the higher ups. Duncan Crow joined the Army just over a year ago and had the opportunity to use his Army and civilian medical skills during […], OCTOBER 14, 2019 – As Army Soldiers start preparing for the new Army Combat Fitness Test, behind the scenes Army logisticians are also preparing to distribute more than 36,000 equipment sets to conduct the new test. Not only are your living quarters free, your food is free, but the bond you get with people is priceless. The pictures are my friends, my family. You will receive your BAH as part of your regular paycheck. The military requires you to provide adequate support (which includes housing) to your dependents. Hey Pacman, is the AF like the Army where if you don't have a family care plan for your children they give you the option of separation? If there is extra space available in the barracks/dormitories, you are allowed to live there, and still receive your BAH. In the military you are paid twice per month. It is inferred because requiring a Soldier to have a “bed check” to ensure they are staying in the barracks is tantamount to restriction. Tachina: We’ve been together for almost seven years, and we’ve been here for about three years now. Save 5% off your first order with the Coupon Code ASKTOP05. We got the option of choosing between three different communities. All rights reserved. If you, the military spouse, work off base, then off-base housing might be located closer to your work. 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If you get what you want and piss your leadership off you are in a bad position (careful what you wish for). When you go to the IG they simply turn the issue back over to the chain of command to resolve. So later that day I got called in my platoon leaders office and got bitched out by him and my squad leader and they are saying since I don’t receive BAH I am not allowed to live anywhere but the barracks. We can go to either the one down the street or take them to the one around the corner, and so there's a variety of things that the kids can do. Relocation can be a challenge, not only for you, but for your whole family. All branches of the military are trying to give all single people living in the dormitories private rooms so there may not be space available. If not you need to sit down and develop a rational, professional, unemotional argument that you can then take to the CDR on open door policy (also include the 1SG). And military installations try offer accommodations to ensure that families want for nothing. We want to live together off base, is this possible? Because if he arrives at the Army base unmarried and single he is going to be put into the barracks! One of our team of volunteer officers and soldiers will be able to give you more information about what life is really like in the Army. (In other words, your Battalion Commander could sign a DA4187 allowing you to be paid to live off post.) How to prevent a Soldier from going around the Chain of Command. Guardsmen and reservists who are entitled to a housing allowance will receive a special BAH anytime they’re on active duty for less than 30 days. Basically, any duties a Soldier who does sleep and actually reside in the barracks are required to do, a Soldier who is assigned a room and chooses to sleep elsewhere, is still required to perform the same duties. Is the U.S. preparing for war with China or vice-versa? Good Luck. But this just basically means you can't receive BAH until you are married or above E-4. I was shown around. There may be exceptions to this rule, which you can discuss with a recruiter. Essentially, any Soldier assigned a barracks room is still required to stand inspections, be on any duty roster for the barracks, i.e. AskTOP is hosted by CSM Mark Gerecht (US Army Retired) and features guest articles authored by a number of qualified Subject Matter Experts. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. In cases such as this the BAH-DIFF BAH-DIFF, or BAH Differential rate is paid. About half a million single servicemembers live in these quarters, which are often substandard, inadequately maintained, or obsolete. When you move to your new military installation, you'll have a tight-knit military community ready to welcome you and your family with open arms. These VA Home Loan FAQs ensures members are fully prepared to take advantage of this exclusive benefit. Another thing to consider is that I was stationed at Pearl Harbor and shipping a pet from the main land had a ridiculous quarantine time. You know, we have a lot of similar interests. If you live on the economy, as I do, you will find that things like paying rent and utilities can be a real pain if you don’t have a japanese bank account. Now she might be left behind in Germany. We all played football as a troop. You will be paid BAH for the area you are assigned to. How do you think about the answers? Military installations try to offer accommodations that ensure most families want for nothing. Thank you for your support! View more newsletters on our Subscriptions page. Because living in the barracks/dormitories is mandatory during basic training and job-school, and because your dependents are not allowed to travel to basic training and/or job school (unless the job-school is over 20 weeks long at a single location), at government expense, during these periods you live in the barracks/dormitories, and receive BAH for the area that your dependents reside. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. CQ, Fire Guard, cleaning, etc., and participate in any short notice GI Parties that may be called if the command determines the barracks are not up standards.

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