caiman vs alligator

In contrast, crocodiles have narrower, V-shaped snouts. Crocodiles generally eat whatever comes their way; they are known to attack animals as large as sharks, buffaloes, and great apes. Crocodiles hunt larger prey, such as sharks and large mammals such as buffaloes, apes, and even humans. On the average, American alligators are 13 feet (about 4 meters) long and weigh around 794 pounds (about 360 kilograms). Moreover, Caiman has longer and narrower teeth while Alligator has shorter and wider teeth. Caimans and alligators both have wide, U-shaped snouts. Therefore, alligators and caimans thrive in temperate climates. Side by Side Comparison – Caiman vs Alligator in Tabular Form The six known species of caimans inhabit the tropical wetlands of South and Central America and hunt and move around at night. Moreover, Caiman has longer and narrower teeth while Alligator has shorter and wider teeth. Caimans are members of the alligator family. Caimans and alligators both have wide, U-shaped snouts. However, Alligator has a single bone osteoderms. In China, alligators are native to the Yangtze River valley and its surrounding provinces. Consequently alligators and caimans have more similarities to each other than either does to the crocodiles. Similarities Between Caiman and Alligator And also they are agiler. Both Caiman and Alligator are found in warmer climates. De alligators en kaaimannen (Alligatoridae) zijn een familie uit de orde krokodilachtigen (Crocodilia). However, they differ from crocodiles from several characteristics. Adults consume a meaty diet consisting of turtles, fish, deer, birds, and an array of small rodents and mammals including muskrats. Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms. Their upper jaws overlap with the lower jaws. Their meat can also be consumed in various forms including as the main ingredient in dishes such as gumbo, deep-fried alligator tail, and sausages. Caimans are smaller than alligators and they posses larger and narrower teeth which are agiler. Furthermore, caimans have composite osteoderms while alligators have a single bone osteoderm. Depending on the species of Caiman they are typically smaller than alligators and crocodiles. Caimans often travel in groups and are known to be more aggressive than alligators. Black caiman is a keystone species in the Amazon ecosystem and a very dangerous species to humans. Alligators and caimans belong to the same family, alligatoridae, whereas crocodiles belong to a different family, crocodylidae. American alligators inhabit the southeastern United States and Chinese alligators occupy the Yangtze River valley. Caimans live only in certain freshwater areas of South and Central America. Meanwhile, alligators consume large fish, turtles, and large mammals. 4. Bay, Bight, Fjord, And Sound: Similarities And Differences Between These Coastal Features. 1.Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopaedia. However, while they are related to and are often confused with each other, these three subfamilies of reptiles are different. Caiman and Alligator are two crocodiles like animals. Available here, 1.’Caiman yacare’By Lea Maimone – Own work, (CC BY-SA 2.0) via Commons Wikimedia   Caimans are made up of composite osteoderms, and they lack bony septum between nostrils. Hence, their teeth are not visible when the mouth is closed. Alligators are usually dark grey, black, or olive brown in color with whitish undersides. What is Alligator They are members of an animal group called Crocodilians. Teeth of caimans are longer and narrower than that of alligators. 3. Four species live in Central and South America; three species inhabit Africa; and another seven species are endemic to Asia and Oceania. Caimans feed mainly on small animals such as fish, small birds, and small mammals. Like alligators, caimans may be kept in captivity in zoos and nature parks. De groep werd voor het eerst wetenschappelijk beschreven door John Edward Gray in 1845.. De familie omvat alle alligators en kaaimannen.De echte alligators kunnen tot 6 m lang worden, maar worden meestal 3 tot 4 meter. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Legal. The black caiman, the largest species, can grow up to more than 16.4 feet (about 5 meters) long, weighing around 2,425 pounds (about 1,100 kilograms). Caiman is a reptile that belongs to family Alligatoridae and subfamily caimaninae. Caimans also have larger and higher set eyes than alligators. This is the difference between Caiman and alligator. Caiman is a small to medium sized reptile living in Central and South America. Caimans are among the smallest reptilian predators, averaging 6.5 feet in length and 88 pounds in weight. Are There Differences Between Continental Crust and Oceanic Crust? In the wild, caimans feed on fish, birds, and small mammals. Both animals are cold blooded and live in warm climates. The major difference between Caiman and Alligator is in their habitats; Caimans live in Central and South America whereas Alligators are only found in the Southeast United States and Eastern China.Caiman has a composite osteoderms. Countries Doing The Most To Combat Climate Change. This article will discuss their similarities and variations. They are larger than caimans with an adult weighing an average of 790 pounds and reaching a length of over thirteen feet. As nouns the difference between cayman and alligator is that cayman is (caiman) while alligator is (obsolete) one who binds or ties or alligator can be a large amphibious reptile with sharp teeth and very strong jaws related to the crocodile and native to the americas and china informal short form: gator . Alligators have a single bone osteoderm. The key difference between Caiman and Alligator is in where they live. Alligators are usually dark grey, black, or olive brown in color with whitish undersides. Overview and Key Difference There are only two known living species of alligators: the American alligator and the Chinese alligator. “Caiman.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 9 Feb. 2018. All rights reserved. Caiman belongs to the sub family Caimaninae whereas Alligator belongs to the sub family Alligatorinae. In contrast, crocodiles have narrower, V-shaped snouts.

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