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WG BUSHKRAFT was launched to teach the skills and mindset of self-reliance living, providing a refuge of thought to those who live with the mindset of  “respecting the unexpected”. Kareebos Game Estate Herman has created a range of bushcraft and survival courses that will teach you the important skills to be able to explore incredible extreme locations and stay alive in the outdoors. New England Bushcraft Show and Bushcraft Blog sharing information on the regions wilderness skills workshops, primative living and survival training programs, schools, events and meetings. “Bushcraft is about thriving in the natural environment, and the acquisition of the skills and knowledge to do so. Learn the skills to feel at home in the wild, on our, Most of our courses are suitable for beginners and intermediate bushcrafters, but we also run more advanced bushcraft courses such as our unique Bare Hands Bushcraft course and four day. From family bushcraft courses, to world class tactical training, to survival s For all those reasons, we carry our recommendations for making life a little more comfortable. The central resource for everything Bushcraft in the Northeast USA. Craig Avery is a military veteran, BSA leader, father of four, husband of 24 years, spiritual leader, life coach, consultant, and veteran’s mentor. Sometimes you want your ice to last a little longer, your drink to stay a little colder, your light to shine a little brighter, and sleep to be a little deeper. Look for the Coyne name. We make or carry, light and easy to use, well thought out survival gear so that the unexpected isn’t also the unprepared. WG's survival kits have everything! We specialize in providing hands-on practical outdoor survival courses from beginners to professionals including BASIC SURVIVAL, ADVANCED SURVIVAL, NAVIGATION, BUSH MEDIC, EXTREME SURVIVAL and RANGER courses. Craig has a gift with kids. Beware of imitators. Boswa Survival Bushcamp All of our bushcraft courses give you hands-on experience, and let you think things through for yourself, with expert guidance when needed. “K” = knowledge, and knowledge is everything. When I gave Craig feedback that he may need to find an additional solution for fire beyond the flint and steel, he added both a magnifying glass and a waterproof lighter. We are “always practicing” Bushcraft apprentices, committed to refining our acquired skills while constantly creating new ones. .”. Our weekend bushcraft courses are the perfect place to perfect your skills, we also offer the chance to take your NCFE and IOL accredited Foundation in Bushcraft Skills and Wilderness Living Course – Level 2 . kraft (/kräft/ Survival Gear | Firearms and Survival Training | Bushcraft Practices, Def. Survival training for all skill levels and backgrounds. We can tailor your bushcraft courses and survival training to your needs, in our own fun, interesting and unique way. bushcraft and survival experiences in the Highlands of Scotland. ©2018 Wildwood Bushcraft, Lochailort, Scotland, UK,  PH38 4NB           tel: 01687 470415  |  07714 334071, There's an outdoor adventure here for you - whether you're, Journey with us into these beautiful wilderness locations. This is the most well thought out survival pack I've ever seen. noun We run practical, realistic survival courses that get you thinking, learning and developing your skills, in amazing locations! While “Bushcraft” is the study of all matter related to living “in the bush”, the word “kraft” is translated to “strength, force, energy”. I'll document everything from short day-hikes to extended camping excursions, practice primitive survival skills and … . Boswa Survival was established in 2007 by Herman Roos as a survival training academy where anyone can learn amazing skills. We look forward to seeing you in the woods soon! At WG Bushkraft we practice more than just the skills needed to survive outdoors; we instill a survivalist’s mindset in our students that empowers them to think, plan, and act deliberately in order to thrive in environments most could not endure. sales@boswa.co.za. Boswa now has 3 training branches in Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga and we teach people survival from all walks of life regardless of age, ability or previous experience. Wildwood Bushcraft provide bushcraft and survival experiences in the Highlands of Scotland.. We also offer courses in Sussex in the South of England, and our portfolio of international bushcraft expeditions has included Sweden, Canada and Namibia.. Journey with us into these beautiful wilderness locations. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT OUR ULTIMATE SURVIVAL KIT SOLD ON AMAZON or YOU CAN BUY ON THIS SITE WITH FREE SHIPPING VIA OUR STORE IF YOU HAVE VENMO. The Bear Paw- courage, physical strength, and endurance, The survival knife- the ultimate tool of Bushcraft, the blade, Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpens Iron . Buying a survival kit from WG is like buying a safety insurance policy. We offer online survival courses for adults and kids that you can complete in the comfort of your home anywhere in the world. Farm 242 Hartebeestfontein Hekpoort All our training courses are accredited by the Survival Training Association of South Africa. Herman : 072-916-5080 We take an environmentally responsible approach to our work, based on sound ecological understanding. Our outdoor bushcraft courses, kids survival course and survive life gap camp give anyone the opportunity to learn new skills. We look forward to welcoming you around the campfire on a survival course soon ! Herman has created a range of bushcraft and survival courses that will teach you the important skills to be able to explore incredible extreme locations and stay alive in the outdoors.

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