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The TicketsBolivia website may contain links to other websites that are not managed by TicketsBolivia, which are included for reference purposes only. Refunds can take up to 2 business weeks depending on the time it takes the payment gateway and your bank to make the transfer. What services do the bus companies provide? In that case, the legal domicile of Tickets Bolivia (La Paz, Bolivia) is also the place of jurisdiction if the Client does not reside in Bolivia. Peru Hop) so shop around and see what other benefits you get with each company, La Paz to Cusco by bus is usually a pleasant journey with spectacular views along the way. To proceed with the reservation and payment of the Services, we collect the necessary data (eg the name of the traveler or travelers, email address, information on the means of payment) in accordance with our data protection policy. DIRECT - Leaving daily at 16.30 from La Paz to Cusco (via Desaguadero). The services offered by TicketsBolivia can only be accessed by users who have read in full the General Terms and Conditions and have accepted them by clicking on the corresponding box provided for that purpose. Each country has its own regulations. Likewise, TicketsBolivia will make available to the Client the Special Terms and Conditions of the Transport Operator whose services were contracted by the Client, in case said Special Terms and Conditions have been previously communicated to TicketsBolivia. Passengers must confirm their registration details with the agents of the bus Operators. Complaints must be sent in writing to the email serviciocliente@ticketsbolivia.com within 90 days after the date of travel. Summary of Cusco To La Paz To Cusco pass: Ticket Starts in Cusco.Covers ALL the highlights and hidden gems to Bolivia and back. We must emphasize that when you buy tickets through Tickets Bolivia, the non-cancellation of the ticket and the absence of the passenger(s) at the place of departure of the bus or train, will result in the Transportation Operator assigning the status of "no show" to the Client(s), resulting in the loss of reimbursement rights by the Client(s). All of them offer direct travel from La Paz to Cusco with no free tours or stops along the way. The Transportation Operators are in turn a Third Party Provider. Any dispute arising from the violation of these General Terms and Conditions will be resolved under Bolivian jurisdiction. This trip offers amazing landscapes along the way and some bus services stop in Copacabana or Puno for travellers to visit the Lake Titicaca. #1 Rated Day Trips From Lima To Unforgettable Destinations, Everything You Need to Know to Avoid the Typical Tourist Mistakes At Machu Picchu, What NOT To Do When Visiting Rainbow Mountain. We cannot be held accountable for changes or problems in the service for which we are not responsible. Journey 12 hours approximately arriving at around 05.00 am in Cusco. Not for this route. Q-2 ) How do I book a bus from La Paz (Bolivia) to Cusco? Please take into consideration the following conditions: IMPORTANT: Cancellation requests are NOT PROCESSED on Saturdays, Sundays or bank holidays. It includes commissions and taxes. Refunds are authorized and processed by the bus Operators and are subject to the Special Terms and Conditions of each Transport Operator. Economic tickets or discount tickets, also known as “Economic tickets with restrictions,” are usually NOT refundable. When you buy your tickets through our website, many companies offer the possibility to choose your seats off the map of the actual bus or train you will be riding. If you are looking for more information about Cusco, then make sure to check out this guide, complete with what to do, where to go and everything you need to know before you travel, Your email address will not be published. Some operators might levy a charge if these conditions are not followed. Tickets are sold in the name and on behalf of the corresponding Transport Operator. These links are used for informational purposes only, without any valuation of content, services or products offered. Please note that a travel agent will review your reservation information and verify that all necessary information is complete before issuing tickets. The other option to get from La Paz to Cusco would be flying which can be more expensive taking all the taxi fees into consideration. No food, beverages nor blankets are offered. redBus offers the most convenient way to travel by road to Cusco. In case the bus or train company you have chosen does not have this software, they assign the seat numbers the day before your trip. The buses are: Transzela, Tour Peru, Trans Titicaca, Vicuna Travel, Diana Tours, Huayruro Tours. Since you will be crossing the Bolivian border is suggested to be aware of all the requirements according to your nationality. We only perform a check when necessary. Cusco is a favorite destination spot for travelers and people who want to spend a little vacation time and enjoy special moments and experiences. In some cases, special services can result in additional costs for the Client. For national trips, all passengers must check-in at the counter of the bus Operator at least THIRTY (30) minutes before the indicated time of departure, proceeding to the exchange of their electronic ticket for the ticket of the Transport Operator. You must make a new reservation with an alternative payment method. TicketsBolivia does not accept reservations via text messages or by phone. 1 photocopy of their identity card or passport, Identity card or passport of parents or legal guardians, Authorizations of the courts or judge in the case of children or adolescents traveling only with one of the parents. Their unique hop on hop off service is one of a kind in South America and allows you to always travel like a local. In this situation, the Client will have two options: If the Client is due a refund after taking into account the cancellation fees, the party that has received the original payment (either TicketsBolivia or a Third Party Provider that appears on the credit or bank card statement of the Customer) will transfer the amounts in question to the card used to make the original reservation. In some cases, unexpected stops, which may include bus changes or waiting in some intermediate cities, may be necessary. Some pets may be authorized to be transported on the bus, as long as they meet the conditions established by the Transport Operator. The reservation fees and commission of TicketsBolivia will not be refundable.? If your financial institution does not authorize your credit card charges and payments derived from this transaction, we will notify you immediately via email to determine if the information entered into our systems and/or our payment processing service is sufficient and correct.

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