bell mobility complaints ridiculously

I actually had a very nice lady who’s name I will not say as I feel she may have divulged more information than she should. Finally the charge was cancelled but then I got a $400 cancellation fee on my bill a month later. All was fine and ended smoothly. That is just a start. Anyway, I will pay them their bill of 120 or whatever it is. What a joke. I do agree it was partially my fault as I should have broken away from travel & work to have my bills forwarded to me & reviewed them BUT I believed that BELL had employed capable individuals & not monkey grinders to answer their customers concerns! It is always a good idea to check out the BBB site before investing in a cell phone. Anyone with a BEll contract I would advise you to write a detailed letter explaining what happened. So during this call I am told that I will have to pay the $200 cancellation fee, OMG they have a recorded call with an associate telling me that they will waive the cancellation fee. If you want to help more people please make sure you use the share tools and share this post on facebook, myspace and your other accounts. Now my brother has an iphone, with a cap, and a data plan… They cut his phone off because he apparently went over the cap. Who by the way tells me it will be $600 to cancel my phone even though they have been so incompetent in their service. Mind you, I did get an ” I sorry to see you leave & if there was anything I can do to keep you I would BUT my hands are tied”.. Got to love the level of seperation when it comes to responsibility & culpability!! When I contacted Bell to ensure ownership of our cell phones away from the company plan, I discovered that my ex-business partner had pre-emptively removed me as an administrator from the plan. After 8 years with Bell Cellular, having constant drop outs, and the odd extra charge for no reason, I decided to leave. We were told it would be 1 week to ship, 1 week to fix, and 1 week to ship it back; 3 weeks total, they offered us a “brick” with no features as a loaner but my daughter opted that it would ruin her social status to use such an ugly phone. If I don’t, well, then at least I’ve made my opinion known to a few others. Each consumer of goods and services can leave on CANADA-COMPLAINTS.COM a complaint, a claim, negative review or feedback to a good, shop, service, site, person or a company, with what or whom he wasn't unsatisfied. Damn My contract was signed on last august.. 24months left… Will they charge 20$/month? This organization is not BBB accredited. You think anyone said that when I bought the phone? I am a customer of Bell Mobility canada and I would like to tell a story that shows poor customer service and that I would not trus Bell from a hole in the ground. I hope that this will bring closure to something that has been annoying me for the past two years . I want to cancel that too, but they will charge me something to break the 3 year contract for the receiver. ARROGANCE! Turns out they conveniently put his number in wrong, when I asked two reps on the phone to confirm the number they said it was correct, silly me for believing them! So before I singed another 3 years contact with them, I called Bell Mobility customer service more than 3 times to ask the same question “How much penalty I have to pay if I cancel data plan?” I got same answer: $200 and they even told me they put this on notes. They said because they switched plans around, the automatically started a new contract on all the phones and my contracts getting her new phone. $97 a month!!! Canadian Tire / Yardworks Defective item. Par for the course unfortunately with this company. I am pleased with my outcome with Bell even though it was a pain in the ass writing a two page letter when I was mad. ACCOUNT #522830979, Welfare recipients should be urine tested, The tide has turned for Geeks and I am ashamed…. I not only talked to a live person back in 2 0 1 3, but I also faxed, emailed and send in a letter by post to find out it was never done properly. This is the most corrupt organization, not only are they throttling internet connection but time and time again they are ripping off their customers. Now he has to call EVERY day until the glitch is resolved so that they wont cut his services off! If you do not get results on something you consider unfair, write immediately to the above address. They took it for 3 weeks, I am paying the bill and they do not cover you with a loaner or replacement; you have to rent one. They didn’t tell me they were making amy’s contract till 2012…her phone was crappy in May, crappier This is the company that calls itself “Canada’s leading communications company”. They are calling me a liar, I have been a customer for 8 years and I still have two cell phones with them. We have 2 phones with them and on a last bill they billed us 4 times same charges and we have a year left on contract about. We opted to wait until the phone came back. Once I get up and running with Rogers, Bell will hopefully become a bad memory; though I am sure Bell will try to make it as painful as possible. I was misinformed about roaming charges so we know what this means: I call up and they tell me If you use a calling card you won’t be charged for roaming. I will translate. Now the fun begins… I could not get the spending cap removed without a security deposit as it was still a new line even though I had my line for years with them & was spending over $200 a month. When they finally return it they short me 7 dollars like a bunch of chumps. I call in again & the rep says I never changed my bill, but does see I called in. It all started with a Motorola phone that I got that kept crashing. “That was a pre-authorized payment; it was valid.” Yes, because that’s what the note some idiot worker made on the computer: “Authorized payment”, as if that explains anything. I was given an ultimatum… pay more per month (upgrade) or pay the $200 charge. I usually never post on the internet but can’t help myself on this one. I know just how you feel. The idea of the generous $50 hardware credit is great until I get to the store and learn the phone is not for sale to an existing customer at the new customer 3 year contract price of $129.99 but the full retail price of $480! Please be very careful and think twice before signing up with bell the billing is very bad and always wrong. East Tower-Main Entrance-Ground Floor, I have never experienced so much frustration towards a company in my life. I had bell mobility on the phone and they have put a 400.00 charge on the bill because I canceled Amys phone with them. Stay away from them....white collar criminals in my opinion. They told me my contract was ending in 6 months (not 2012) and because upgrades were never offered or even possible with my old phone, that I was not getting charged 400.00. The guy told me after he checked, that there is no charge on the phone to cancel. So I go and get her the new phone with Telus because their plan was more suitable for her. And I have stronge want to find every and all customers that are or have been screwed by the carrier’s who, have been placed into financial hardships becuase of this practice. I then decided to cancel my line & take over my 12yr old sons line as he no longer needed it. I highly recommend doing this and requesting to speak to an executive. Been a member since 2003 and in 2007 Bell decided to put me into contract without ever telling me. They are unethical, uprofessional, and a poor excuse for a company. This time, the agent from bell mobility told me that the charge will be $400. December came and we went to Bell to upgrade the crappy phones. That’s called double dipping by Bell Every month I had to call because they charged me too much claiming I was over using my telephone they even claimed I was using it when I was at work and it was turned off, if I used it while at work I would be out of work so that wasn’t true. I think it is good deal. I took it to Bell mobility and they said it’s a software problem, it’s covered under warranty. But still, according to Bell’s response to my complaints thru the BBB they refer to this as “We generously reduced your roaming charges and we have on record previous to these charges that you were educated about the roaming charges and that after we refunded you, you were educated once again”. After 2 days & 6 reps, I finally cancelled my service & was told there still was 4 yrs remaining on the term due to a price plan change. Well the Bell Mobility issues never end. I also have to prove that the guy, back in May didn’t tell me he was renewing amy’s contract and that I need to prove this. By now I’m really frustrated with Bell Mobility. So I ask the lady, why would I call in, after getting a $300 bill for txts and NOT change my plan! But no one agreed to a three yr contract on that date…to be sure I called my mom…who then called the person rep who was with her at the time of the call… I know it was a long time ago but a contract is something you remember…. I gave them the employee names and numbers that I had been talking to. Do they do this to make that extra little last $$. We were told that all funds paid at the store(Bell Mobility in Vernon BC). What saddens me is that while informative, this forum, and others are usually too late.

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