battle of fredericksburg generals

Brigadier General Samuel D. Sturgis’ division Aftermath of the Battle of Fredericksburg:  The battle was trumpeted across the Confederacy as a major victory. Close up shooting and terrible non-mortal wounding as well. Lee rated him as one of the most promising of his commanders,[1] promoting him to major general at twenty-nine. Soon Confederates from the sunken road opened fire as well. At the height of the slaughter at the base of Marye’s Heights General Lee is reputed to have said “It is well that war is so terrible. As the Irishmen began their long charge, Confederate artillery opened holes in the blue lines. At the foot of Marye’s Heights the road turned left and ran off to the centre of the Confederate position. Meagher’s brigade lost 14 of 15 officers and 512 of 1,000 men. Thank God we don’t fight like this anymore! General Burnside resolved to lead the renewed attack on Marye’s Heights himself the next morning, 14th December 1862, at the head of the 3rd Corps. He is buried in the graveyard at Calvary Episcopal Church, Tarboro, North Carolina. Meagher’s men were not the only Irish brigade on the field that day. As night fell on 11th December 1862 the Confederates withdrew from Fredericksburg leaving the Federal army in control of the town. Fredericksburg and along which they advanced out of the town. Thanks for reminding us all of the futility of the Civil War as it relates to brother fighting brother, Irishman fighting Irishman. He believed the federal government should be limited to express powers in the Constitution and acquiring territory could only be accomplished by implied powers. His superiors wrote in their official reports of the Gettysburg Campaign about Pender's death: The loss of Major-General Pender is severely felt by the army and the country. The South celebrated their victory while President Lincoln came under increasing political pressure for not ending the war quickly. Generals at the Battle of Fredericksburg: Major General Burnside commanded the Federal forces. Hill's Light Division. During the Seven Days Battles, Pender was an aggressive brigade commander. The recently defeated Confederates might be weakened and vulnerable. As 1862 came to a close, President Abraham Lincoln was displeased with the state of affairs in the East. He was well regarded by his superiors. Heth encountered stronger resistance from the Union I Corps than he expected and was repulsed in his first assault. The deal was too good so Jefferson ignored his philosophical objections. Stuart’s cavalry division extended the Confederate line to the river on the extreme right flank of General Jackson’s Corps. Meagher’s brigade earned the nickname “the Fighting Irish,” which still resonates today. His father was a planter who owned more than 500 acres and twenty-one slaves in the vicinity of Tarboro, making the family a member of the local elite. Pender was evacuated to Staunton, Virginia, where an artery in his leg ruptured on July 18. Would love your thoughts, please comment. At the outset of the war, Irishmen mostly joined the Union armies without regard to their ethnic background. Brigadier General John Gibbon’s division Brigadier General Daniel E. Sickles’ division, Brigadier General Amiel W. Whipple’s division, V Corps commanded by Brigadier General Daniel Butterfield Brigadier General David B. Birney’s division Uniforms:  In Europe the French military establishment of Emperor Napoleon III was in the ascendancy following the Crimean War and the wars in Northern Italy fought by the French against the Austrians. They lamented having to fire on their countrymen. Brigadier General Winfield S. Hancock’s division Hill after a 17-mile march to save the Army of Northern Virginia from serious defeat on its right flank. The French and British had first shown their failure to grasp problems of warfare in the second half of the 19th Century during the Crimean War. Federal dead and wounded lay in the field short of the wall with the survivors of the divisions that had been committed to the attack:  French’s division was followed by Hancock’s, then four more divisions from Hooker’s Grand Division reserve. Though descended from Virginians, Pender's parents were longtime residents of Edgecombe County. Both Federal and Confederate armies adopted the French style ‘kepi’ and several regiments on each side adopted the uniforms of the French North African ‘Zouaves’. Cavalry Brigade of Brigadier General William W. Averell, Left Grand Division:  Major General William B. Franklin, I Corps commanded by Major General John F. Reynolds

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