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He and his henchman Killer somehow managed to get Charlie thrown into the city pound, but with Itchy's help, they tunnel beneath the pound and barely makes it out alive. Goals When Borgnine voiced Carface, his voice became more softer and less menacing. When Borgnine took over Carface's voice was now softer and less menacing. He was also always seen smoking and his cigar always had smoke coming out of it. In addition to working for two hellish demons (Red and later Belladonna), Carface has little respect for Annabelle despite that she is the archangel dog of heaven, such as at the end of the first film, when he dismisses Annabelle's warning about winding his "life clock" after being killed by King Gator. Carface, as he appears in in All Dogs Go to Heaven 2. Mott Street Maulers (Digit) | Then he captures Anne Marie and Charlie comes to rescue her, fighting his way through the thugs. However, near the end of An All Dogs Christmas Carol, when Belladonna was fixing to kill him and Killer for sabotaging her plan, Annabelle saved their lives by making snow fall on her. Later on, while Charlie and Anne-Marie were walking back home from the market, Carface attacks Charlie with a ray gun, but it didn’t kill him. After he captures David and blackmails them for his lives, he and Red imprisons him in the cell at the Alcatraz prison. The three of them visit Carface and make him feel guilty about stealing the items, especially the operation money; Sasha tells Carface that without it Timmy will die, but Timmy's death will cause another: his own, as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows him that because of his actions, he will cause his own death and he will be condemned to Hell for eternity. However, Sasha points out that the "few coins" Carface stole from him were meant for his operation, meaning that without proper care, Timmy may not live to see another Christmas. But he also appears to be somewhat smarter than Red such as when Red had got Gabriel's Horn he was so overexcited about fulfilling his goal he almost paid no attention to anything else and when Carface saw that Charlie and David were fleeing Red just said "Let them" and Red's behaviour was almost similar to an actor who had auditioned for a part and got the part (or something similar). Killer is Carface's henchman, and is often mistreated by Carface and is never given any appreciation, just abuse. It's also hinted that he might even have an attraction to Sasha, proven in the episode "Mission Im-Paws-Ible" where she distracts Carface by seducing him while Charlie and Itchy tries to steal back Itchy's stolen collar, and last, at the end of the third film where Sasha kisses Carface's cheek after being given by him a present when he finally reforms and returns all the puppy's gifts he stole earlier. Red | On the other hand, Carface's most notable trait is his stinginess, which all of his wrong doings are apparently motivated on throughout his appearances. When his henchmen also fail a mission when they are away, he calls them "morons", and in the final battle, he viciously attacks Charlie and (at one point) tries to kill him by drowning him, until King Gator intervenes and finishes off the pit bull (likely through eating him). In the first film, he was much more sleazy, grim, and just downright heartless, described by Charlie as a "dirty rat". After Charlie refused to pay back Carface, he blows a mysterious hypnotic dog whistle that hypnotizes all the dogs and causes them to give Carface and Killer all of their bones. All Dogs go to Heaven Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Killer informs his boss that Charlie returned to the casino, Carface plans his death by throwing a "business solo" celebration for Charlie, getting him drunk and murdering him by running him over with a car off the docks.

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